Charli XCX’s rant against sexism in the music industry


On Twitter, the singer with multiple hats not to be recognized at her fair value, because she is a woman.

Charli XCX is fed up, and she’s letting it be known. While she is one of the most influential artists on the current pop scene, the British singer is not taken seriously by some. A situation that should speak to many women in the music industry. In a series of posts on Twitter, the 27-year-old artist ranted against those who doubt her skills simply because she is a woman.

I’m an artist, a composer who co-wrote many hits for me and other artists, I make videos, I’m an executive producer of a show on Netflix. I run a label and co-manage two artists…”, she lists on Twitter. ” If I were a man, I’d be some kind of God of the music industry, but as a woman… do people doubt me? » she wonders.

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To her more than 3 million Twitter followers, Charli XCX adds that she doesn’t want pity, just tells it like it is. ” Women in this industry are constantly questioned about their legitimacy… ‘Did she really write that?’ ‘Is she capable of producing?’ ‘Does she really know what she’s doing?’ I hear that kind of stuff all the time.”, confides the interpreter of “Blame it on your love”. ” All of the female pop stars of 2019 are businesswomen. They run their own careers. They make their own decisions. They manage their teams. They prove they can do it. They break boundaries and create their own art. It’s so obvious”she declares before concluding: Don’t insult us. »

a plague

Charli XCX is far from the first to denounce sexism in the music industry and the infantilization of young artists. In France, 690 women from this sector signed a manifesto against this scourge last April, denouncing the sexism that reigns on a daily basis, from misogynistic remarks to sexual assault, including pay disparities, the invisibility of women in responsibility, prejudices and things left unsaid that block the development and careers of professionals who are nevertheless competent and committed.

Taylor Swift has already, on numerous occasions, pinned the double pain of women artists. Guest on the Beats 1 music show at the end of October, the 29-year-old singer has spoken about the media and public’s obsession with her love life at the start of her career. A way like any other of totally “ minimize ” his art. ” Women artists have no right to seek love, money and success” in the same way as their less judged male counterparts.

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Charli XCX’s rant against sexism in the music industry

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