Céline Dion breaks down by announcing the suspension of her concerts due to illness

The singer suffers from muscle spasms and stomach problems that have greatly weakened her

In a recent video published on her social networks, on the verge of tears, Céline Dion announces that, once again, she has to postpone her return to the stage. It is the second time that she has canceled her European tour.

The first time it was due to the pandemic. And this second cancellation is due to a mysterious illness that he has been suffering from for a long time and about which little is known.

The only thing that his family and friends have revealed is that it is not cancer, nor is it a degenerative or serious illness, but rather an ailment that takes time and causes severe muscle spasms and stomach problems.

This would explain the extreme thinness that she has worn in some of the public appearances in recent years, such as in the 2019 Paris Fashion Week where she appeared very deteriorated.

In the video from a few days ago, Dion is looking good, although she is very sad to announce that her health is not good enough to embark on a demanding tour with dozens of dates ahead.

Before the pandemic, he had already performed 52 times as part of this Courage World Tour. In March 2020 he canceled the tour due to the health emergency. He was to have resumed it in January 2022 in North America, but illness prevented him.

A few days ago he announced that he will not be able to continue the tour in Europe in May as planned. The singer has postponed it until February 2023.

“I am so sad and I am so sorry to have to postpone the shows again”, explains the Canadian diva in this video in which she adds that it is her health that forces her to postpone some shows and cancel others.

Visibly excited and upset by the bad news for her followers, she gives them good news and that is that she feels better. Although she, with some bitterness and after a long sigh, she confesses that “recovery requires much more time than I thought” and that, therefore, she feels frustrated.

In this audiovisual statement, the artist is seen with a broken voice on several occasions because she knows that her fans are going to feel disappointed again. She tells them that she wants to recover “and be in top shape and health to be able to give 100 × 100 of myself on stage because you deserve it.”

He goes so far as to apologize to them because “they have been waiting for my concerts for a long time”. A gesture of great delicacy, consideration and also humility that not all artists are capable of carrying out. And much less the great ones, as is the case with Dion.

The singer also promises her followers that she will do what she can to get well as soon as possible and makes a beautiful revelation: “Know that the messages of love and support that you have sent me are part of my medical treatment. They help me enormously, thank you very much for all that love.

Finally, Céline Dion takes advantage of this message on Instagram to launch a plea for peace: “I pray for Ukraine and I pray for peace so that this war ends as soon as possible.” And she says goodbye, not with a “goodbye”, but with a “see you soon”.

The Canadian singer knows well what the disease is. Her husband, René Angélil, died of throat cancer in 2016. They had been married for 22 years and together for almost 30. Her husband spent many years fighting cancer, but it was from 2014 when his situation worsened. Dion abandoned everything then and was at her husband’s side unconditionally and until the last day of her life.

Angélil was not only Dion’s great love, as the diva has confessed so many times, but he was also her discoverer and the person who took her to stardom. Together they had 3 children and a happy marriage after overcoming the initial rejection of Dion’s family because Angélil was 26 years older than her and already had 3 children from two previous relationships.

With Céline Dion, René Angélil knew absolute happiness and formed one of the most solid and stable couples in the world of entertainment.

Céline Dion was born and raised Catholic. She is known for her testimony that a priest saved her life by convincing her mother not to have an abortion.

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Céline Dion breaks down by announcing the suspension of her concerts due to illness

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