Cavale in Alabama: the escaped prisoner “will do everything, including killing, to get what he wants”

The green paint on the right rear fender of the orange vehicle shows that the fugitives attempted to paint it over. “Sloppy work,” notes an investigator. Botched and interrupted. Vicky White and Casey White abandoned this Ford SUV less than 4 hours after this prison officer and this inmate considered extremely dangerous left, on the morning of April 29, the Florence prison in Alabama (United States) in the face and in everyone’s face.

This vehicle, which Casey White bought with an assumed surname, was found empty and locked on a rural road in Tennessee. But the repairman who towed it did not make the link with the case of the incredible escape until the evening of Thursday, May 5. This clue left behind by the inmate and his supervisor appears to be very meager. “Except that we have confirmation that they fled from the north,” summed up Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, more and more convinced that the plan of the two fugitives was carefully worked out.

Potentially heavily armed

Reminder: this 56-year-old prison officer got the 38-year-old prisoner out on the pretext of taking him to court for a psychological evaluation made up from scratch, and by breaking the escort rules that this model employee applied until here with zeal and rigor. The sale of his house in April, the withdrawal from his accounts of the proceeds of this transaction (90,000 dollars) and the night spent at the hotel under a false name the day before further support the thesis of a carefully considered scenario.

Tracked for nine days, the fugitive tandem remained untraceable on Saturday May 7. Investigators, who have made sure that the two will not be able to benefit from the help of relatives in their escape, suspect the fugitives to be heavily armed, in particular with a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun. But they also fear for their colleague who betrayed them. “You know we’ll find you, safe and sound, I hope,” Sheriff Singleton said, urging Vicky White to surrender.

Convicted of attempted murder

A woman — who may have cut short and dyed her hair blonde — looked in danger to her, given the escapee’s unstable profile and pedigree. This colossus of 2.06 m for 118 kg was serving a 75-year prison sentence for an attempted murder committed in 2015 on his girlfriend at the time, whose dog he had also killed and kidnapped the roommates. He was also due to stand trial in June for stabbing a 58-year-old woman to death in 2015. A crime that he had recognized and for which he incurs the death penalty.

“He will do anything and everything, including killing and kidnapping, to get what he wants. This man acts like a hunter, he knows how to hide, ”testified Friday May 6 to the New York Post the companion of the woman assaulted in 2015, comparing the level of madness of Casey White to the serial killer Ted Bundy or to Charles Manson.

The police have just released new photos of the criminal, including one showing his tattoos of a gang of supremacist prisoners. The reward concerning him was also increased to 15,000 dollars (10,000 for his accomplice). Measures that will prevent, Sheriff Singleton hopes, that this “prison romance”, as he calls it, does not end in a dark novel.

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Cavale in Alabama: the escaped prisoner “will do everything, including killing, to get what he wants”

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