Camilo’s concert and the parade of countries for Hispanic heritage are the stars of the cultural agenda this weekend


The concert by the Colombian Camilo, the cavalcade with groups from the countries of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico and the shows and concerts at the Mercado de los Mostenses are some of the activities on the cultural agenda of the Community of Madrid for this weekend. week.

The Hispanidad 2022 program for this Friday will take the literary activity ‘El portal de los escribidores’ (5:00 p.m.), curated by Espido Freire, to Cervantes Street in the capital, where María Zaragoza, Nativel Preciado, Blue Jeans and Inma Rubiales will act as write to us writing what the citizens ask of them.

On the other hand, the Cuban playwright Yunior García will present his play Jacuzzi at Teatros del Canal. That same day the musical performances will start in different parts of the city with a concert by the Colombian band The Bongo Hop, accompanied by Nidia Gongora, in the Plaza de Santa María Soledad Torres Acosta (6:00 p.m.), where the Melilla native will perform the following day Felino Brown (13 hours) and Nélida Karr (18 hours).

The Plaza de las Comendadoras will host another stage dedicated to Mexico this Saturday, with the Mexicans Fara Fara Norte (6 pm), while on Sunday it will present the Colombian street theater and music company Palo Q’Sea and its ‘Carnaval de la life and death’ (13 hours).

For its part, the Mercado de los Mostenses, famous for having a large representation of Latin American gastronomy, will join the celebration on Saturday with shows and concerts by the company Ale Hop (12 noon to 2 p.m.), Lucía Tacchetti ( 13 hours) and LaTorre (18 hours).

The parade in which groups from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico will parade is one of the most important acts of this festival that is celebrated under the slogan ‘All accents fit in Madrid’. The parade will run down Bravo Murillo street (in its section between Cea Bermúdez and Glorieta de Bilbao) starting at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Finally, the main course will arrive on Sunday, at 1:00 p.m., with the concert by the Colombian singer Camilo, together with Spanish guests, at the Puerta de Alcalá. The pop singer-songwriter and musician has five Latin Grammy Awards and two Grammy nominations from the American Academy, and has just released his third album, De ‘Adentro Pa Afuera’. In addition, that same day and at the same time, in the Parque de Aluche Auditorium, the Ecuadorian Hispanic Folkloric Ballet Inti Killa will perform.


In addition, the people of Madrid will be able to enjoy the ninth edition of the Surge Madrid contest, which will be held until October 30, displaying scenic works in alternative theaters, both by established creators as well as emerging and new ones. Some of the titles that can be seen this weekend are ‘Adicto a mí’ (Intimate Acts of Santi Senso), ‘BuenaVentura’ (Las Martianas), ‘Heridas’ (Estudio Nerea Lovecchio) and ‘La tapa del cofre’ (Cía Tribuene).

On the Teatros del Canal billboard, the musical theater show Safo stands out, performed by Christina Rosenvinge, Marta Pazos and María Folguera (until Sunday). In addition, the cycle Sundays with the family continues with the show Historia de un sock de La Canica Teatro.


Likewise, the museums and halls of the region offer a varied exhibition program. In it you can find the first major retrospective of the painter Amalia Avia, ‘Japan in Los Angeles’. The Amalia Avia archives, located in Sala Alcalá 31, or the exhibition ‘Sybilla. The invisible thread’, the most important dedicated to date to the renowned Spanish designer Sybilla.

On the other hand, the Sala de Arte Joven presents the exhibition ‘Cabeza de lobo’, by Blanca Gracia, the winning project of the fourth edition of the First Phase call, and at the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo-CA2M you can visit the shows ‘Portrait of a movement’, the first individual exhibition dedicated in Spain to the duo of artists formed by Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz.

You can also see ‘Posture and geometry in the era of tropical autocracy’, by the Venezuelan Alexander Apóstol, one of the most prominent artists on the Latin American scene; and ‘Almost 400 m2 for two landscapes’, by the Japanese artist based in Spain Mitsuo Miura.

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Camilo’s concert and the parade of countries for Hispanic heritage are the stars of the cultural agenda this weekend

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