Camilo: “The success of music in Spanish has built precious bridges between Spain and Latinos”

The Colombian will give a concert this Sunday at the Puerta de Alcalá on the occasion of Hispanic Day 2022


The Colombian artist Camilo (Medellín, 1994) will give this Sunday, October 9, a free admission concert at the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid on the occasion of the 2022 Hispanic Day celebrations, which he decides to celebrate in this event by putting the focus in the “human connection” that his songs suppose and vindicated the power of music in Spanish.

The success of music in Spanish “has built precious bridges between Spain and Latinos,” Camilo asserts in an interview with Europa Press in which he is proud of this artistic relationship in which he is a part.

In this sense, he distances himself from the debate that surrounds the festival of October 12 because he sees his participation in these festivities as a way of claiming his language, his music and his trade, but, especially, the bond with the public. “You choose where to focus. My focus is (celebrating) human connection and songs as a vehicle for joy,” she adds.

Thus, Camilo feels “privileged” by the opportunity to play at the Puerta de Alcalá on this date, which he sees as “an impossible dream made possible”. “What I’m about to live is so sacred and so beautiful,” he says, excited about his performance, which is also the first in Spain in which he will present the songs from his new and third studio album ‘From inside to outside’ .

This event, in which he anticipates that there will be guests “at the height of the celebration”, is also relevant for him because of the gratitude he has to Spain for the “openness” he has had with his music. The country hosted his first tour – of the two he has been on in two years – and made him the artist who sold the most tickets in 2021.

“The hug that Spain has given me I feel clean and honest,” he underlines in this regard, to emphasize that his songs have managed to become “hymns of joy in difficult times”, such as the pandemic, for which he sees more reasons for celebration at the concert this Sunday.


The Colombian artist thus vindicates the union between Spain and Latin America, and more so with Colombia, in the artistic sphere. In his opinion, this is evident in the growth of music in Spanish: “Singing in Spanish today is a privilege and a source of pride. The desire to have to sing in another language and in another way to be able to be global”.

“Today you see the global tops in the world and you realize that half of those people are singing in Spanish,” he celebrates, insisting that the “embrace of the public that speaks in Spanish is enough to have a precious career in music ” nowadays.

Thus, he celebrates that “the imaginary borders” that divide people by music “are falling more and more”: “More and more the ‘us’ and the ‘they’ are diluted and become a ‘great all’ “.

He himself stands as an example of this due to his success in Spain, where he recalls that he has managed to reach the top of the charts with songs from traditional Latin American genres. “I love that in countries like Spain songs like ‘Vida de rico’ are being heard, a cumbia. The cumbia is ours and it crosses the ocean,” he extols.

“I feel very proud to bring what is ours, what is Latin, our identity, our legacy, our culture, our sound and what makes us diverse, next to the ocean. What tremendous pride,” emphasizes the Colombian artist, who in his His latest work also approaches the popular Mexican in the song ‘Alaska’, with Grupo Firme.

Camilo thus thanks the public for the “embrace” of him and his compositions and attributes such reception to the fact that he carries honesty as the “vehicle” of his profession, which he loves and fills him with. “People relate so much to the songs because they are celebrations of honest things, here and now. I think and I like to think that this is like the thread that embraces all things that are happening,” he says, to also highlight the diversity of his followers. , of all backgrounds and ages.

Along with honesty, he believes that capturing the “specific feelings” of his life is another of the ingredients of his growth. Thus, she details how in her latest album she has immortalized one of the “most transforming” moments of his life, being a father for the first time. ‘From inside to outside’ thus exposes everything that has come to him from within, from sincerity. And it could not be otherwise, because he claims to distrust what does not come from within.

With this album, which includes collaborations with great artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Camila Cabello, Myke Towers, Nicki Nicole or Evaluna Montaner, his partner, the winner of five Latin Grammys has already managed to hit the charts thanks to songs like ‘Indigo’ –dedicated to his daughter– or ‘Pegao’.

Consolidated as well as one of the most influential artists, he is now in full ‘From inside to outside tour’, a tour with which he stops this Sunday in Madrid, an appointment that fans from all over the world can also enjoy through YouTube.

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Camilo: “The success of music in Spanish has built precious bridges between Spain and Latinos”

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