Camilo sows happiness in Seville with a vibrant concert




Camilothe award-winning Colombian Latin music artist, met this Saturday with the Sevillian delegation of his tribean affectionate name that the idol of the masses uses to refer to the millions of people around the world who follow his songs, productions and publications on social networks.

The reason for his return to Seville was the long-awaited start of his new world tour ‘From inside to outside Tour’of which they have already given a good account in Pamplona and Mérida and that, after yesterday’s third stop, will visit fourteen other Spanish cities and European capitals such as Paris, London, Milan or Zurich, all of this in just a month and a half.

Although he performed on the same stage just nine months ago, the singer-songwriter gathered yesterday more than 22,000 people in the Cartuja Stadium.

This figure should not be surprising, since Camilo was the international artist who sold the most tickets in Spain in 2021, and aspires to exceed 200,000 tickets in our country this year. Everything indicates that he will achieve it, with the Seville stage having an important role in that record: «The one tonight in Seville is the biggest concert of my life»he admitted visibly excited.

It started with all the rope given, with a ‘kesi’ that from the first chords managed to establish delirium as the official state of mind of the mammoth La Cartuja venue, which lasted for just over an hour and a half that the concert lasted, more than enough time for Camilo to leave plenty of samples of por what is considered an artist embodies the paradigm of the musician with the touch of King Midas (His songs have hundreds of millions of views on Youtube and listeners on Spotify and he has been recognized at the Grammy and Latin Grammy awards).

Camilo, at the beginning of the concert – Raul Bent

The artist born in Medellin 28 years ago did not stop sending precious and precise messages full of positivity and optimism to an audience dominated mostly by children and adolescents. Here is one of Camilo’s differentiating factors over so many other commercial music singers. The Colombian is a being of light, a person with charisma who imbues each of his lyrics, his words, and his smiles with a certain candor. His bonhomie radiates very pleasant sensations: love, joy, inner peace and happiness, all in abundance. And simplicity, despite what it may seem because of the eccentricity of its handlebar mustache and her outfit in general, which act as an artistic counterweight to the naturalness and closeness that she transmits from the stage and in her songs.

It was a real joy to see so many young people with that happy face that only live music can draw, many of them in their first concert of this magnitude. Without a doubt, a good choice to debut, because the colorful staging and the artist’s connection with the public lived yesterday can be a magnificent seed from which interest in music in general, and in concerts in particular, flourishes.

One of the most celebrated episodes of the night took place when he appeared on stage Evaluate MontanerCamilo’s beloved and admired wife. together they performed ‘For the first time’ Y ‘Machu Picchu’showing off the mediatic couple of the complicity between the two.

On the contrary, as is logical, the unpublished ‘From inside to outside’a preview of his next album, which will be released in September, had little repercussion in the stands given its lack of knowledge to date.

One of the most celebrated moments was when Camilo’s wife, Evaluna Montaner, appeared, with whom he sang two songs

Within a very recognizable style, the coffee grower made songs of different genres: the serenade ‘La medio’, the beautiful ballad ‘Scissor hand’ or latin pop hits like la marchosa ‘tattoo’worldwide claim that he recorded in 2020 with Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro, ‘tutus’winner last year of the Latin Grammy for Best Pop Song.

But without a doubt, the genre with which he best harmonizes when it comes to expressing himself is cumbia. Two songs with the stamp of hit from the precise moment of their publication, ‘rich life’ Y ‘stick’this one already in the encores, they put absolutely the entire venue to dance, without exception.

Camilo and his wife, Evaluna Montaner, with whom he sang 'For the first time' and 'Machu Pichu'
Camilo and his wife, Evaluna Montaner, with whom he sang ‘For the first time’ and ‘Machu Pichu’ – Fernando Rodriguez Murube

Precisely ‘stick’ It is an example of the commercial impact that Camilo produces with practically all his compositions. The piece, fresh and fun, shares the happiness that the singer-songwriter is experiencing in his new role as a father with the arrival of Indigo, to the point of wanting to be close to her all the time —Camilo revealed a secret about his newborn daughter, and is that according to the couple’s accounts, Indigo was conceived in Andalusian lands during last year’s tour—. Published on May 19, just a month ago, it accumulates 18 million views on YouTube and over 12 million listeners on Spotify. Figures available to very few.

The final fireworks came from the hand of ‘Indigo’, demanded since the dawn of the show. This theme, sung last night with his wife, made more than one tear shed by hundreds of adolescent cheeks that vibrated with this declaration of love, sweetened even more with a shower of confetti. It was a festive finale for a short but intense concert with which Camilo put the stamp of eternity on a unforgettable night for thousands of children and young people.

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Camilo sows happiness in Seville with a vibrant concert

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