Camille Combal: “In Stereo Club, the stars have really worked to be on top”

At 40, Camille Combal is undeniably the strong man of the front page. Mask Singer, Dance with the stars The animator-producer is at the head of the biggest entertainment of the private channel. And it’s not over. It is to him that we have just entrusted the heavy task of adapting in France That’s My Jam, Jimmy Fallon’s music show that is all the rage in the United States. He introduces us to his new entertainment and takes stock of his career.

Entertainment TV : you are already back as a bonus on TF1 with Stereo Club. What is it about ?

Camille Combal: It’s a real visual show, which mixes musical game and pure fun. You will see celebrities (Amir, Joyce Jonathan, Elie Semoun, Julie Zenati, Eva Queen …) like you’ve never seen them before: they dance and laugh, while offering absolutely crazy performances. It’s the biggest show of my career, the craziest I’ve ever produced.

“In this show, the stars have really worked to be on top”

What are we going to see there ?

For example, we are going to repeat what is done a lot in the United States: “lip sync”, a kind of giant playback where celebrities reproduce on set the greatest pop culture clips. With us, Eva is going to redo an identical clip of Dua Lipa while Bruno Sanchez and Mr Octopuswill imitate… Tragedy. In this show, the stars have really worked to be on top.

How did you work with Jimmy Fallon, the creator of this format ?

To be honest, I only met him after the game was shot. To prepare for the show, we had a lot of meetings with his teams, who came to Paris especially. They were very open to our proposals and gave us total freedom to create our proofs.

You are the producer of the majority of the programs you present. Why ?

For a very simple reason: I want to create the most beautiful programs possible. Being a producer allows me to give my opinion, to impose certain decisions, to choose my guests. I put all my energy, all my heart into my broadcasts; so, being a producer, I am one hundred percent in agreement with what I propose. But it’s not something that excites me. I won’t make a career out of it.

Since your arrival on TF1 four years ago, you have hosted eleven shows. It’s a lot !

It’s huge, but they are often unitaries. I’m not on the daily, so in terms of airtime, I don’t think I’m the most present presenter on TF1. And it suits me very well. What I love most about this job is creating a show from a blank page. Not a format that will sell internationally, just a show that will give viewers a good evening. I don’t aspire to design a concept that will stay on TV for twenty years.

“At 19, I gave up everything and tried my luck in Paris doing open scenes”

Would Camille Combal fear the routine ?

In all parts of my life, it’s something that scares me. After my management studies, I did an internship in a company where I entered codes to create a database… I was bored, so, at 19, I dropped everything and tried my luck in Paris doing open scenes. If, on TV, I found myself repeating things, that wouldn’t suit me either. I think that’s why novelty drives me so much.

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Camille Combal: “In Stereo Club, the stars have really worked to be on top”

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