Camila Cabello’s message about body image and self-esteem after an incident with the ‘paparazzi’

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    The high level of demand -and sometimes absurd- that society and industry impose on public figures means that they sometimes have to vent in some way. This is exactly what has happened to the singer Camila Cabello, who after an annoying incident on the beach in which some paparazzihas not been able to do more and has published an enlightening message on his Instagram profile.

    The story begins on a beach day like any other, the artist confesses that she went to a Miami club because she wanted to remember the happy days of sun and sand as when she was a child. But what she found was an experience far removed from her sweet memories. A few hours in which she thought that she was going to relax and disconnect from the demanding life of a musical artist, became a fight against itself due to the continuous harassment of the paparazzi that at all times they controlled his movements to obtain photographs of his body.

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    After the annoying experience, the singer wanted to communicate to the world how she felt and did so with an extensive text: “Every time I’ve gone to the beach in Miami I’ve been secretly photographed in a bikini and mI have felt super vulnerable: I have worn swimsuits that were too small and close to the body and I did not pay attention to how I lookedthen I saw photos online and comments and I got very upset”, begins exposing the interpreter of Havana. These lines are followed by a reflection: “When it affected my self-esteem, I reminded myself that I was thinking in a culture of other people’s thoughts and not in my own. A culture that has become accustomed to the image of how a woman’s body looks woman healthy which is nothing real for a lot of women.

    Camila then explains everything she does to try to make all this affect her as little as possible, but she also tells her reality and that being in the music industry, sometimes it’s difficult to avoid it: “Photoshoprestrictive eating , excessive exercise and choosing angles that make our bodies look different from how they are in the moment and in their natural form, when we breathe deeply, when we eat, when we allow ourselves to be who we are… I remember this , I’m listening podcast on intuitive eating, I follow women who have embraced their cellulite, stretch marks, bellies, bloating, and weight fluctuations…and still, I am a single woman in her 20s. I’m in the middle of a lot of promotion and I want to feel like I look good“.

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    The singer also tells how after discovering the photos that the paparazzi and feeling that she didn’t fit the canons, she tried to go back to the beach, this time prepared for them, but again, none of this made her feel any better: “I knew it was basically going to be a photo shoot. I held my breath so hard my abs ached. He wasn’t breathing and he hardly smiled, being aware of where the paparazzi were. He couldn’t just let me go and relax, do what we’re supposed to do when we go out in nature. I tried to pretend they weren’t there, but I couldn’t and I held my breath from the lounger.”

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    Fortunately, this bad experience served him to come to a conclusion: “I’m not yet at the point in my journey where I don’t give a shit. Intellectually, I know that my appearance does not determine how healthy, happy or sexy that I am. Emotionally, the messages I receive from our world make noise in my head. Ironically, all the therapy, all the inner work is trying to get back to feeling like a seven-year-old on the beach. I am in mourning for her today. Happy, silly, breathing, pretending to be a mermaid, FREE. PS I escaped to the pool area where I hope they can’t catch me but sometimes they literally hide in the bushes. I’m exhausted lol.”

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Camila Cabello’s message about body image and self-esteem after an incident with the ‘paparazzi’

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