Camila Cabello longs to return to Peru to give a concert: “I am excited to return”

Camila Cabello wants to return to give concerts in Peru. Universal

The new member of reality ‘The Voice’ in United States, Camila Hair, is very happy to integrate the format of the most famous talents in the world. The interpreter of “Miss” indicated in a virtual press conference to different media, including Infobaewho thought about it a lot before agreeing to be a coach on the show, since these shows change and mark the lives of the participants.

“These programs have the potential to fulfill dreams and change lives, and that is a responsibility I cannot take lightly. It was something that worried me because in the end we are human and the decisions we make on the show are impulsive,” said the international artist.

But he also evaluated the trajectory he has, 10 years of career, and thought that he could contribute a lot to young talents, in addition to knowing the experience of participating in a show like this; since, she appeared at the auditions of the ‘The X Factor’ in 2012 and then the opportunity came to be part of the group Fifth Harmony.

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Camila Hair She commented that she wants to give her team the possibility of being authentic and, above all, with integrity, and that they not get carried away by fame because it is often ephemeral.

“At the end of the day you have to be true to yourself, work on being the most authentic version of you. That will surely take you on a slower path to get where you want, you will not have those two minutes of fame quickly, but that is how you make a lasting career, “said Cabello.

He also criticized that many applicants to big stars get into the singing career for the wrong reasons, such as doing whatever it takes for minutes of fame and moving away from what is really important, being upright, being honest with oneself and being faithful. to his community of followers.

Camila Cabello at a virtual press conference. Universal+
Camila Cabello at a virtual press conference. Universal+

“For me what we do is a matter of integrity, but we live in a culture where many want to get into this for the wrong reasons, people want to be famous and are willing to do whatever it takes to have those minutes of fame that now they are possible through TikTok and social networks, “he said.

The singer of Cuban-Mexican origin added that she gives freedom to the members of her team who compete in ‘The Voice’ to choose the songs with which they feel most comfortable and authentic. “As a ‘coach’ I am there to make artists feel represented and be the most authentic version of themselves, not the most authentic version of me. I cannot bring to his performances what I want to do or would do”, he stated.

On the other hand, he commented that he is working on a musical production with a Latin American artist but did not want to reveal his identity or the genre they will interpret.

She also recalled the shows she gave as a guest at the concerts of the English band Coldplay. She mentioned Peru, Chile, Colombia and Brazil. “I love you guys so much and I had a lot of fun the last month I was there with Coldplay, well I wanted to say thank you for all the love you gave me when I was there,” she said.

Finally, he indicated that he really wants to return as a soloist and sing his greatest hits to all Peruvian fans. “I’m already excited to come back and I love you guys so much.”sentenced.

Camila Cabello approached fans after Coldplay's second concert in Peru.
Camila Cabello approached fans after Coldplay’s second concert in Peru.


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Camila Cabello longs to return to Peru to give a concert: “I am excited to return”

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