Camila Cabello is proud of her Cuban-Mexican origin

Mexico City — Camila Cabello was born in Cuba and lived her first years in Mexico City. She then moved to the United States and ended up becoming a star. Even so, the actress and singer has immense admiration for her places of origin, which have become her inexhaustible source of inspiration to continue making music.

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“I am always talking about recreating my childhood and exploring all that dynamic and those years when I lived in Mexico and the traditions that we had. I remember my dad singing mariachi with his friends who were very drunk and that energy they transmitted to me, ”the 25-year-old singer said in an interview. “What inspires me are all these feelings that I love and miss from my childhood.”

Throughout three studio albums as a solo artist, the interpreter of “Havana” has explored her roots by integrating Latin sounds into her songs. However, she considers that there are currently many artists who sing in Spanish just for recognition.

“There are people who definitely notice and feel that they make songs in Spanish because Latin music is very popular or because it is going to give them more fame and more value at this time. You feel when it’s not genuine and it’s not authentic,” he said. “People realize when it’s just for fame or because you feel a passion for Latin music, the culture, which doesn’t even have to be yours, just because you feel respect.”

Despite this, Cabello has also ventured to sing in another language. Such is the case of the remix of “Mon Amour”, a duet with the Belgian musician Stromae.

“Honestly, I did it because I’m a superfan of the artist and I’m learning French, and that’s genuine and I think people know that, that it’s not for profit,” he added.

The interpreter of “Señorita” took another step in her career by becoming a judge on the popular talent show The Voicein United States.

“You have to be alive and alert to try to make the best possible decisions. Also to remind contestants that just because they’re not ready right now doesn’t mean it’s the last chapter of their career; it is only one possible path of many”.

But it is impossible for the singer to forget that her career began when she participated in one of these programs and became part of Fifth Harmony.

“I knew the tremendous responsibility I had before agreeing to be a coach, because I know very well how life can change, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for The X Factor,” he added.

Cabello left the group in 2016 to pursue a solo career, but she does not regret what she learned alongside Ally, Dinah, Normani and Lauren, her companions.

“I needed years of practice, of writing and improving. As a solo artist at 15, I honestly don’t think I was ready. I think that all the years in the group taught me a lot, ”she confessed. “It was important to share the stage with other people, not have all the weight on me and have space to write and learn from music. Being in the group, without a doubt, was the path I needed”.

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Camila Cabello is proud of her Cuban-Mexican origin

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