Camila Cabello enjoys Miami Beach with an aqua blue bikini

Camila Hair enjoyed a well-deserved vacation on the beaches of Miami Florida in the company of her best friends.

It was photographed by paparazzi showing off her curvy figure dressed in a small two-piece swimsuit ideal for summer vacations and the heat that comes with it.

The look of the singer, 25, consisted of a two-piece aqua blue swimsuit, made up of a triangle bra with thin straps tied at the neck in the style halter and a microbikini low cut type thongwith laces on the sides.

She added a matching multicolored stone necklace with a pair of fabric bracelets and small circular gold earrings.

Photo: The Grosby Group

He kept his natural appearance by not wearing a drop of makeup on his face, showing off his dark hair disheveled by the wind and the humidity of the sea.

The celebrity of Cuban-Mexican descent was caught having fun with her friends on the shore of the beach, then went into the water only to splash and throw water at one of her companions.

The paparazzi They captured her cheerful and smiling at all times, with a confident and glamorous attitude despite the criticism that has been unleashed about her figure and body weight.

A few months ago, the interpreter of Miss spoke out on social media about the critics that has arisen from wearing scarce and tight clothing in public, showing her “real” figure and common among women.

After being seen exercising in tight leggings and crop top, the singer said in a video: “I was just running in the park minding my own business, trying to stay fit, trying to stay healthy,” she recalled at the time.

“And I’m wearing a shirt that shows my belly, and I didn’t put it on, because I was running around and existing as a normal person who doesn’t put it on all the time.”

Last April, he once again ruled on their struggle of body image and self-esteem when the paparazzi They caught her on the beach and netizens made fun of her curves.

“I wore bikinis that were too small and didn’t care how I looked, then I saw photos online and comments and got really upset,” she said in a statement posted on Instagram.

“When it affected my self-esteem, I reminded myself that I was thinking the thoughts of the culture and not my own,” she added.

Later in his message he addressed a message from empowerment, body positivity and confidence. He revealed that another time she wore a bikini in public she had to put on makeup to look “good”, stick her stomach in, and stopped eating heavy meals days before her vacation.

However, those “changes” did not make her “self-aware” and caused her more concern, she felt insecure during her day at the beach and untied him anxiety know that the paparazzi they were capturing her at her “worst moment”.

“What is health if you are so obsessed with how your body looks that your mental health suffers and you can’t enjoy your life?” he said. “Who am I trying to look attractive to and even attractive to myself if I can’t let go, relax, have fun and play on a beautiful day at the beach?”


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Camila Cabello enjoys Miami Beach with an aqua blue bikini

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