Camila Cabello eliminates her social networks to focus on her career

Camila Hair ignores negative reviews whether it’s about his physique, his music or his love relationships; their attention is more focused on create new contenthave fun with friends and enjoy your race in general.

That is why, to avoid positive or negative comments hanging around in her day to day life, the singer of “Miss” chose to remove the social networking applications from her cell phone and thus not lose focus on what is really important to her.

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“It is necessary not to pay attention to positive or negative comments, not spend so much time on social mediaI’m not seeing the comments because that takes away my focus on creating and being an artist, writing lyrics on my cell phone is more productive and valuable than reading what people are saying about me.

It’s not healthy for anyone nor for our brains to have so many opinions of us all the time, if it is not someone close to you and that you respect, it is not necessary, If it doesn’t become a distraction”, said Cabello at a press conference.

Sometimes, the body of the 25-year-old artist has been singled out and criticized, either because of her weight or her cellulite, however, far from affecting her, his posture is mature; For her, beauty is inside and in the diversity of forms in which it can be presented.

“We see different types of bodies in Latin America, Cuban women in my family have curves, every time they see me they tell me I’m too skinny, What should I eat more? And in the American world I’m not skinny enough.

“So I think all cultures have different ways of seeing women, how boring the world would be if we all looked the same, it wouldn’t be fun; It is like the different types of ice cream, there is strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, so the bodies and all have beauty, “said the Cuban-American.

Cabello, coach on the singing show “The Voice”

Messages of inclusion and empowerment are what the artist shares in any of her projects; example of this is hers tI work as a coach in The Voicea reality show that began on September 20 in the United States, but is available through Universal+.

“I feel super honored and excited that I was considered to be a coach in The VoiceI thought so because I know it’s a tremendous responsibilitythese shows changed my life and have the potential to fulfill dreams and change people’s lives.

“It’s a big responsibility, I don’t take it lightly, that worried me at first, but I think I have a lot to contribute with my 10-year career and my experience of starting in a show like this”, he assured from New York.

The strategy that he has applied to select his team and with which he hopes to win the competition, is based mainly on the essence of the person, how original it can be when it comes to performing, even if it does not have great singing techniques since, that is what the program is for, to go polishing the diamonds he chosehe said.

The winner of the program He will receive $100,000 and a contract with Universal Music Group.

“In a race like this, the important thing is to talk about integrity; at the end of the day you have to be true to yourself, work on being the best version of you, the most authentic, it may be a slower path and you may not have those two minutes of fame super fast that many want to achieve, but that is which makes a career longer, forming a true community and a group of fans”, said the winner of two Latin Grammy Awards.

The closeness with his team has been maintained even when some of them have already left the competition; Cabello assured that each one has their personal cell phone number and would be willing to collaborate with any of them. at the end of the program.

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His end, he said, is to support talent and be a Latin representative in one of the most important singing projects worldwide.

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Camila Cabello eliminates her social networks to focus on her career

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