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In the second of the activities there will also be Kraneando Activity, Scotty and Express, Indio Javi, CLÜ and DJ MAG. Both proposals are organized by the cooperative of cultural work Hacedora del Arte.

With the stellar presence of Ca7riel, Saturday (January 15) promises to make a difference. The second edition of the Hacedora Festival will take place from 6:00 p.m., promoted by the Hacedora de Arte cooperative. The event will take place on the grounds of the Rural Society and indirectly, it will reinstate Bariloche on the national scene, since the young musician included the show in the presentation tour of “El disko”, his most recent record. After Buenos Aires and before Rosario…

But the capital will not be the only attraction. According to Hacedora del Arte, when La Rural opens its doors, it will receive “the whole family.” Even children under 12 years of age will enter for free… For the development of the festival, “a mega stage” will be installed that will allow the enjoyment of Kraneando Activity, Scotty and Express, Indio Javi, CLÜ and DJ MAG, as announced. Ca7riel will close, “as histrionic as interesting”, who “brings us his solo facet, excited by what he reflected in his debut album El Disko, inaugurating the post trap in Argentina”, judged the hostesses.

There will be everything. “In the venue we installed a gastronomic patio, skate demo, barber battle, artistic interventions, live graffiti, urban fair, tatú” and the presence of stands of the sponsoring brands, including breweries, vegetable alternatives to products of origin animal, energy drinks, chocolate, mineral water and many more, according to the organizers.

Strictly speaking, things will start on Friday (January 14), with the second edition of the Fiesta Bresh, starting at 10 pm, also at the Rural property. The modality “is touring the world, selling out tickets where it is presented. It proposes a new type of night out with the values ​​of the new generations and promotes collective freedom with proposals for millennials, centennials and generation X, enjoying hit after hit”, taught the organizing cooperative.

Tickets can be purchased at the commercial premises of Miter 515; Moreno 69 local 7; Bustillo km 13,058; Miter 265 local 20 or through Hacedora del Arte presents itself as “a cultural work cooperative and artistic producer from Bariloche, made up mostly of women. We co-create with different artists, we articulate with creators and cultural managers from the public and private sectors, promoting creative industries”.

With this imprint, “we propose sustainable events with a triple impact: in the economic aspect, we activate various areas of society in Bariloche and its surroundings,” the group exemplified. “In the environmental aspect, we reduce the carbon footprint, the volume of waste generated and the selective collection of recyclables, we acquire energy-efficient equipment, we promote the responsible consumption of water, with green purchasing and contracting criteria and we prioritize the use of reusable temporary infrastructures and environmental monitoring of the event”.

To end its presentation, the cooperative indicated that, with its actions, also “the social and cultural aspect is modified, promoting inclusion, cohesion, well-being and an increase in the quality of life of those who participate.” Its initiatives have a declaration of Cultural Interest by the Senate of the Argentine Nation and have the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, the MICA, the province of Río Negro, the Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche and EMPROTUR.

The list of acclaimed artists that Hacedora de Arte plans to bring to the Bariloche public will not be exhausted with Cat7riel, since the summer continues. For February, the renewed presence in the city of La Delio Valdez is expected, so that the heat does not go down. On this occasion, the party will move to the Bariloche Hippodrome. To schedule.

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Ca7riel will close the Maker Festival in La Rural | El Cordillerano Newspaper

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