Ca7riel transforms anxiety into songs

The mandatory social isolation due to the new cornavirus pandemic has taken musicians to moments never imagined, far from the shows and from their audience in person, but Ca7rielone of the urban singers in vogue for a few years, took the opportunity to connect with himself, something that “hit very well”.

Ca7riel transforms anxiety into songs

«Social isolation hit me unbelievably. I’m full of anxiety, of course, but I transform that anxiety into beautiful things like songs and ideas. I spend time with myself and not with other people so my ideas don’t get mixed up with other thoughts. My thoughts are my own and are not infected with what is happening outside. So he hit me very well », the vocalist and composer told Télam.

Accustomed to permanent activity with concerts and editions of materials, in addition to being part of the group of the popular rapper Wos, this 2020 found him far from all that. Whether due to confinement or their own decisions, so far this year, Ca7riel just posted the single “Dust”something unusual for him.

«It was happening. I improvise with everything I can. I hate studying”he said, while clarifying: “I’m always editing and creating material, but all the businesses closed and I took the opportunity to close the curtains of mine. A while. I am sleeping every day in the same bed, it makes my mind very comfortable and calms my soul.

During the quarantine, Ca7riel was collaborating with various artists, and to “Dust” (launched at the beginning of September) included the work of Tomás Sainz, musician, producer and drummer of Javier Malossetti Y kevin zeta (Ibupirac 666).

In this single, the singer used the darkness that surrounds his first songs, as well as something from “CVE7E” (from 2015), where it sounded very classic hip hop, along with hardcore riffs and an electronic intro.

In turn, he commented that He has not seen the team he works with since the isolation began on March 20and that the only contact with them is through the exchange of memes.

Ca7riel transforms anxiety into songs
Ca7riel transforms like moths in the face of uncertainty.

In any case, Ca7riel clarified that he is not happy in crisis, but rather respects it. «The crisis must be accepted. The crisis is change and if you don’t change you can’t adapt to the things that happen. So it helps me to create because I talk about all the bullshit that I’m not talking about right now, I turn it into a song, “she said.

«Is there more to artistic development or is there so much uncertainty that you can’t think? No, not at all, it works for me. I have a lot of uncertainty and it allows me to create. From questions come answers. What if there are so many questions that you can’t think of? And well, luckily it’s not my case, “explained Ca7riel, as if opening a slit to see inside.

P- Did the isolation, the pandemic and the uncertainty provoke you to compose or did you decide to wait and see what happens?

R- I compose much more when there is a crisis. When I spend it like the sunrise or the world is being destroyed, that is, absolutely in all the moments of life, that inspires me to change. The moth or the butterfly, to grow wings and fly away, was previously a cocoon. So inside that was a constant crisis. It hurts him, surely he must suffer a lot because imagine that you grow wings and you are changing your body and you are closed in on yourself. Maybe the moth doesn’t think, maybe it does, I have no idea, but it’s amazing to me and I’m very happy.

P- How much more can the scene hold without being able to go out and play?

R- I think maximum three years. The sooner it is possible, the better for me, but seeing how things are, I think that two or three years. The world of possibilities is enormous and I always screw it up but hey, you asked and I answered “wey”.

P- How do you think the scene will be in the “new normality”, as the post-pandemic era is already called?

R- The scene is going to change because the stage became a ball. Then change the movie. In regards to me, get ready to pogo with a mask.


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Ca7riel transforms anxiety into songs

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