Ca7riel, Paco Amoroso and his distorted trap

Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso they bounce For 30 minutes they jump nonstop as if being in the air were their innate condition, the hallmark of their stage body, a cause and a consequence of their music. Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso sing, between trap and rap, between rock and electronic and metal, with the ATR Vanda holding them. They say phrases like “nobody is going to fill your place even if they all want to be part of it”, exaggerating the r’s of each word, as if they were making Spanish another language, their own, which they also mix with English. And they bounce, they never stop bouncing. They harangue people saying “thank you wow. Here we are all friends, long live the music” and in the middle they shout.

It is November 30, 2019 and the second edition of the Buenos Aires Trap at the Hippodrome of Palermo. There are about 25 thousand people who sing “ouke smoking flowers with Lamothe, asking for my boat to float, beautiful I’m not going to drown from so many asses on my cell phone” while Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso, 26 years old, jump, sing, shout and dance without never lose your breath, never lose your energy.

“Once a friend told me: ‘Che when you sing start looking people in the eye,'” Paco said in an interview with Infobae. “It is important to take the stage and try to make it your place for the duration of the show. That pisses people off, it pisses them off to see two handles climbing it. And that’s what we try to do, always give it our all on stage and try to have a good time.”

It feeds him, says Paco, to say that people like that they raise their energy, adrenaline, that they make them have a good time.

That is why Ca7riel and Paco make “fun” songs, to get people up, to dance together, to hypnotize the public with their bodies in movement, their strange, noisy, distant, catchy sounds (no one is saved from Ouke), sometimes hilarious, and with some videos that seem to make no sense and cause the same magnetic effect as them.


In 2019 Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso arrived to ride the overwhelming wave of trap, the undisputed musical genre of the moment, to climb to the top and not go down any further. But his is not purely trap. They move away, more than anything, in their songs and messages. While those of the trap are dark, violent, ostentatious, sex and drugs, his thing, said Ca7riel, is love. It is, rather, a mixture of styles in which they dive to create songs without prejudice and spread in an expansive wave of colors, shrillness and fun (and sometimes a bit of darkness).

“We are as ones freaks but we are very open with the music we listen to, we are people who generally enjoy everything. And I think we try to be natural and those things are what come naturally to us”, said Paco on the program Últimos Cartuchos. “This we do is the closest we can get to being a child. We have known each other since we were children, we are growing up, making songs, you become more like a mask but it is a way of playing, as if it were a Peter Pan, “added Ca7riel.

Last year was, for them, the year in which everything took on another dimension: they sold out the Niceto Club in Buenos Aires three times, they sang Crime at the Teatro Colón in a tribute to Gustavo Cerati (“I haven’t cried since I was poor,” Ca7riel wrote on Instagram), they appeared before 25,000 people at the Buenos Aires Trap, they played in Spain, they visited Uruguay three times with packed rooms and toured Argentina, were (for the second consecutive year) in the Lollapaloza and they closed 2019 with a packed Obras stadium (that mythical Buenos Aires rock scene) in a show they called The Celebration. They celebrated, that night, 2019.

Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso. Photo: Diffusion
Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso. Photo: Diffusion

But before that there was another story. Catriel Guerrero Y Ulysses Warrior they met at school when they were 6 years old: Ulises had lost all his milk teeth and Catriel liked to watch Knights of the Zodiac. They went to school together (Ulysses was doing well and Catriel didn’t like to study but “he had charisma”), they separated to go to high school and got back together with the hope -distant, almost utopian- of making a living from music.

In between, Ulises studied violin and Catriel, the son of a rock musician, became a music teacher at the Juan Pedro Esnaola school. In between and separately, the two became metal fans.

They got together again to create the band Astor and the Flowers of Mars, a funk band directly inspired by Spinetta -Catriel sang and played the bass and Ulises the drums- and they began to tour the underworld of Buenos Aires carrying their instruments on their shoulders to play on any stage that arose, dressing extravagantly just to call the attention “We were zero cool but at the time it was ‘look at us, we are here, save our lives,'” Catriel told Pagina 12. That, they said, helped them to be well positioned and prepared for everything that came later.

Ca7riel, who put a number seven in his name and also had it tattooed on his face one day of fury to remember it every time he looks in the mirror, started rapping at the age of 20. “I would have loved to go to the psychologist, but well, that channel appeared. Later I found out that in psychology, when you go into a very bad flash, they make you write everything you think, like ‘I want to die, I’m going to commit suicide’. I didn’t write it like that because I always liked poetry and romanticism, but that’s really where I started to get my shit out of.”

While Ulises, who took on Paco Amoroso as his stage name, began to “play two” with his friend on stage when he performed with his rap. It was Paco who told Ca7riel that they had to start doing something more “higher”, not as depressing and denouncing as rap in general was.

So in one night he came out Piola and then Not me and then Jala Jala, a song that has a video made to be seen on the cell phone screen, as if they were Instagram stories. And then Oukethe hit, the one that made them a trend, viral and massive, the one that has Stephen Lamothe as the protagonist of the video clip and a chorus that sticks to the point of exhaustion.

The songs and videos that followed – a dark theme interspersed with a bright, loving and psychedelic one and so on – racked up thousands of views: My shadowthe dark one, with a video in which dressed as ragged explorers they follow a green jelly figure in something resembling a desert; Hello mine XDthe luminous psychedelic, whose video is an experience between the Simpsons and Boca Juniors impossible to describe; mc flyfrom Ca7riel and All dayby Paco, which tell the same story; ice conethe last, to dance until all evils are gone.

Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso are like yin and yang, two sides of the same coin, the different and complementary parts necessary for everything to work. “Cato lives like there is no tomorrow and I am the opposite. Despite the fact that people see us and do not seem so, I am the one who has the most rational part, “Paco said about his partner. “I make the music and order the hits that Paco has in his head; he is a brilliant guy, I like him, ”said Ca7riel about Paquito.

They don’t know where their music is going to take them. They don’t question it too much either. What they once dreamed of is now happening. For the rest, as long as there is freedom, let what comes come.

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Ca7riel, Paco Amoroso and his distorted trap

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