Ca7riel: “I try to be real, but I sell a piece of my soul to capitalism” – Silence

Last year was intense for Ca7riel: released the EPs POVRE Y FREE, in which he combined urban music with some samples of Serú Girán and discussed his own idea of ​​releasing all that material in an entire album or in “little installments”, as he defines himself. While this internal fight was happening, the outside world received Catriel Guerreiro’s incursions into the trap with open arms.

But before launching into flow, in 2017 the 25-year-old musician was part of Astor, a band with a very different quest: on their EP Holidays all year, the guitar riffs and the bright melodies did not give a clue of this raw present with shades of darkness. Ca7riel’s landing in urban music gave him such notoriety that, a few months later, he was already a revelation on the scene, invited by friends – he participated in the video “Racat”, by Marilina Bertoldi, and in the song “Fobia”, by Juan Ingaramo- and even part of the grid of the last Lollapalooza.

Ca7riel’s present heralds an even bigger explosion: this Thursday 18 and Friday 19 will be presented at Niceto together with Paco Amoroso, his compositional partner, with sold-out tickets. Together they recently published “OUKE”, whose video already has almost 400,000 views on YouTube. After the Buenos Aires shows, the rapper is scheduled to tour Latin American cities and a gold finish at the next edition of Sonar in Barcelona, ​​in July. And surely more songs, because CA7RIEL already feels that the ones he published on his EPs are mature: “I feel very old. They tire you because you listened to them so many times… ”, he maintains.

I have rag songs, more hip hop songs and also rock songs, do you understand? I have the mind of a producer. And I don’t know if I want to adapt to fashion.

And how does that musical old age you speak of affect you?
The truth is that I don’t have children, but I’m going to explain it to you with that. For me, having a song or an album is like having children. I see that parents who have many children give more ball to the last one, because he is more baby and you have to take care of him more. Songs that are so old are already like having a grown-up son, more seasoned. I want it, but I need more.

And you continued with other compositions to achieve that “more” that you mention.
I did not stop recording, with friends or alone. But I got tired of making music alone. I like to have the opinion and the balls of the other. Luckily, the people I admire and love the most want to work with me.

Beyond the decisions to compose alone or accompanied, your style sometimes feels very multifaceted, like a kind of little Pedro Aznar of this generation.
Ha, Pedro Trapznar! I am a very fan of freedom, I am very much against repression. I am very free musically. I play the guitar and luckily I have my powers to express myself and go anywhere. I have rag songs, more hip hop songs and also rock songs. I have the mind of a producer. I don’t know if I want to fit in with fashion. And the older I am, the less fashionable I want to be. I’m looking for my own sound, but it’s so difficult, you see?

Do you think you still don’t have your own sound?
I have it, but not totally my own. There are a lot of things and sounds that I go and steal from other artists. I grab the puzzle pieces and turn them over. I do other drawings, but they are not totally… I am speaking in trap language, for example in POVRE. Someone who listens to trap, goes and understands it.

But at the same time you have a sample of Serú Girán, something that maybe your audience doesn’t know…
No, you don’t. But it is also a nod to the people who listen to that music in which they see that, although they are listening to trap, all is not lost. There is an idiot that Serú Girán listened to and who likes trap. Maybe someone feels identified like this. I have a lot of hippie friends who are at a rag party and feel uncomfortable, who say The Bird Making Machine should be playing. “How is Yes not playing?” For them the party is that. It is a nod to all cultured people. Cult and hidden.

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Ca7riel: “I try to be real, but I sell a piece of my soul to capitalism” – Silence

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