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It is known, heard and seen, but a few distracted people overlook it. Argentine urban music is serious business. Beyond tastes, affinities and/or fervors, it expands at the speed of the Matrix between the sentences of the algorithms, monopolizes all the rankings of the platforms and threatens to become the new Argentine commodity. The almost limitless international projection of Duki, the presence of Nicki Nicole on Jimmy Fallon’s show The Tonight Show and his featuring with Cristina Aguilera, and the transversal success of Bizarrap –among many others– makes even more visible a movement and an industry in feverish expansion, whose ceiling today is impossible to predict. Within this group in full swing there are multiple looks, forms and personalities, and one of the most captivating is that of Ca7riel (28 years old). The singer, guitarist and composer can be understood almost as a missing link. A lover of freestyle, a fan of a library of tastes that range from jazz to metal, he has a fifth sense for the popular and –at the same time– the vocation to experiment. The musician born as Catriel Guerreiro Fernández Peñaloza built a winding career that includes popularity, the admiration of his colleagues and the recent the diskhis first solo album, a constant and resounding statement of his extensive capabilities and perhaps a springboard for an even more auspicious future.

Ca7riel recently released his debut album, but it’s been on everyone’s lips for a long time. From his performances in the freestyle battles of El Quinto Escalón to his participation as a guitarist in the Wos band, passing through his EP poor Y Free, his successful duet with Paco Amoroso –which left hits like «Piola», «Jala Jala» and «Mi Sombra»– and his incendiary featuring with Duki –“Muero de fiesta este weekend”–. Beyond singles, collaborations and videos, in urban music albums are not strictly necessary to win over audiences, but they do seem to be associated with a certain symbolic validation: proof that, if they want, the new generations can reproduce the grammar of its predecessors.

Excited about this present, with a healthy feeling of jumping into the void and the vertigo that comes from a time that never stops, Ca7triel received Time to talk about the disktheir dreams, their fears and the need to continue creating.

-It’s not supposed to be necessary to release a record today, but you did. Was it a conscious decision for them to look at you differently?

-It came out completely naturally. We started making music with Tomy (Tomás Sainz, multi-instrumentalist) because I admire him and I needed to put my head on something during the pandemic. We did the song “Polvo” and he was so deformed, he had so much personality, that he asked us for more… He was like a little son who needed little brothers to go play (laughs). We did three more songs, we had an EP first, but we quickly realized that we wanted more colors, more songs. A family! And so we come to the disk. They are songs, but with a spirit that unites them.

–The historical idea of ​​an album.

-Total. Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin… Rock, man! (laughs). We were missing some themes and thought carefully about what colors we hadn’t used. Every album has to have a certain balance and that’s where we went. I am very proud. We really love the son of a bitch on this album (laughs).

–To what extent did it influence doing it in a pandemic?

-Much. I am always in mine and I remember when my mom and my manager called me to let me know that Alberto (Fernández) was going to save us all because the pandemic was coming. I felt uncomfortable at first, but I quickly realized that I was going to have time that I hadn’t had in a thousand years and decided to dedicate it to what I’m passionate about: making music. I contacted Tomy, I invited him to participate in the recording of the album and I couldn’t believe when he said yes. I’ve admired him for a thousand years, I worked a lot for him and I couldn’t believe how well we worked together.

Sometimes admiring someone makes communication difficult.

-Total. But we connect to full. I know how your brain works, it’s the best in the world. We speak the same musical language, it’s very fast, we like each other very well. We have a lot of data and we exchange it easily.

–You once said that wanting to play the guitar very well could be a trap. What did you mean?

I have always listened to a lot of music. From metal to jazz, everything you can think of. I can play stuff from Steve Vai records, I love to improvise… I once wanted to be the best of the best. But I realized that it locks you up. You get into a small part of the music and you don’t listen to the others. Now I try to have another look. More free. Nothing is right or wrong. In music there are no mistakes or fatal decisions. I don’t need godparents, tribes, or genders.

You are not a surgeon.

-Exactly, man. With music you don’t kill anyone. The rules are to know them and break them. In music you can fail and it is even debatable whether you failed or not. A surgeon cannot improvise when he operates and neither can an engineer. Music gives you freedom and you have to dare to enjoy it. It is something more playful, it generates another bond. I hope my music is enjoyed like a drug.

–Who are the enemies of freedom in music?

-I don’t know if enemies, but you have to be very careful of the likes. It can transform the way you think and change the way you create. It is not natural that so many people look at you and give their opinion. It is a risk to get hooked. Because most are positive and that may not be the truth either. And negative comments can make you bitter. Having an impact changes a lot of things. I’m not Wos, but I get a lot of response from people. No one teaches you to live and less to be so exposed. But I’m not hooked anymore. Not anymore, honey.

Are you worried or afraid of taking a false step?

– There are always fears. But I send myself the same. Without giving me, obviously. I love this album, it’s deformed, it has variants, it represents me more than ever. It’s healing, the most honest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t think of anything other than giving the best of me, expressing myself. I didn’t even put a featuring. I do not care. I’m not one to think much about the past or the future. Now I want to enjoy this, share it with people and the rest will be seen. I was always the same. I see about the moment. Boredom made me get creative.

Are you the rapper that rockers love the most?

-Obvious! Because I’m a guitar fanatic, I liked Steve Vai a lot, I can still play parts of the album passion and warfare and I loved how Devin Townsend sang on the album sex and religion, that of alternating melody and guttural sounds, but in tune. They realize that I am a music lover, that I listen to everything… So I can talk to almost everyone. But above all they love me because I make good jokes (laughs).

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Ca7riel presents El disko. December 18 and 19 from 7:00 p.m. at Complejo Art Media, Corrientes 6271.

Influences and own sound

Ca7riel is passionate about talking about music and his music lover’s side definitely reaches his compositions.
–You talked about metal, jazz, urban music, but it shows that you also listen to soul and R&B.
-I love it. I really like singing and that music nourishes you, gives you desire and inspiration. Before making music you have to want to listen, be curious. Otherwise, for me, it is impossible.
– And the funk?
–At one time I went to see funk shows every Sunday. They were parties where the same bands weren’t always there, but the vibe was always the same. He really enjoyed music and downloaded data like crazy. You always have to pay attention to the groove. It is a fundamental tool of music.
What is more important to you, the influences or the sound?
-Everything. I really like working on sound. I like to have data and throw it away, but it has to come out in its own way. Put a filter on it. You have to appropriate what you like for something different to come out. I’m not interested in just being an interpreter.
–The album has no featurings. Is that blasphemy today?
–(Laughs) I tried to include some very early in the process of putting together the songs, but the pandemic did not favor it. And as we went along I realized that it was not necessary. I didn’t want to force anything. I think this is a gate opener disc. Throw many options, you can enter him from many different places. Time will tell where it takes me. But I am calm. I don’t make my head.

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Finds, groove and hook
Ca7riel reached his first solo long-play with a maturity that never ceases to amaze. The disko is much more than a succession of songs that officiate as a formal letter of introduction for a rapper on the rise. Articulate climates, genres and hook. Ca7triel manages to rap, sing, play and shake, almost always on cue. In this context, the cool air of «Muy bien» stands out (with references to «Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds» –The Beatles– and «Luna de miel» –Virus–), the devastating rhythm of “UU”, the fervor almost industrial of “Keyhole”, the fast-paced groove of “Bad Bitch”, the sweet smoke anthem “Chanel maconha” and the ballad “Souvenir”. Boldly but without taking his feet off the plate, Ca7riel built one of the best Argentine urban music albums of the year. The future seems within reach of his dreams.

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Ca7riel: “I don’t need godparents, tribes or genders” – Tiempo Argentino

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