Ca7riel debuts as a soloist with “El Disko”

Buenos Aires. The guitarist, composer and singer Ca7riel, one of the most influential names on the urban music scene, considers that his brand new first album, “El Disko”“it is the purest, the most sincere, the least contaminated by the industry, because with the likes you go crazy”.

“I didn’t make these songs thinking about likes and that’s why they don’t have ‘feats’ (collaborations used to add followers of other artists to their own legion),” Ca7riel boasts during an interview with Télam.

But convinced of having “a very faithful, very huge and very real audience”, the musician appreciates the bet faced with “El Disko” and maintains: “Whenever you propose something else, it can go more or less or extremely well”.

Along this path of material that he defines as “a film with eleven songs”, the musician born 27 years ago under the name of Catriel Guerreiro Fernández Peñaloza assures that “‘El Disko’ is the most developed evolution of Ca7riel”.

The plate in question brought the artist together with the multi-instrumentalist Tomás Sainz (32 years old and son of Sergio Sainz, bassist in the first Rosario band of Juan Carlos Baglietto) in the midst of a pandemic to build a challenging universe that manages to get out of the boxes.

“Very Good” (with references to “Honeymoon” by Virus and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles), “Bad Bitch”, “Shipea”, “UU”, “Keyhole”, “Where tai “, “Chanel Maconha”, “Never attends me”, “Souvenir”, “Sin Sublow” and “Polvo”, make up the repertoire of “El Disko”.

The powerful and inspired duo Ca7riel-Sainz (who was joined by Facundo Yalve, producer of Wos, in “Keyhole” and “Sin Sublow”), began to show their credentials starting with “Polvo”, released on September 2, 2020 and with more than 3,120,000 views on YouTube alone.

Hand in hand with this release, the performer and instrumentalist takes a new step on a path characterized by change and search, both for expression and success.

A decade ago he was part of the band Astor y las Flores de Marte, where he musically captured his childhood friendship with Ulises Guerriero, real name of Paco Amoroso, who played drums at the time.

Thanks to another childhood friend, he started in rap and came to participate in the freestyle battles of El Quinto Escalón, an experience that, beyond the results of the moment, would decisively mark a different course.

In 2018 he released the EPs “Povre” and “Livre” and to address them he decided to summon Paco Amoroso, with whom he has since formed a rising trap duo (maker of hits like “Piola”, “Jala Jala”, “Ouke”, ” Ola Mina XD” and “Mi Sombra” and protagonist of a renowned show at the Obras stadium in December 2019).

And in the midst of that maelstrom, Ca7riel was also the live guitarist in most of the recitals of the popular rapper Wos until November 2019.

“The pandemic fell, we had to lock ourselves up and I had a lot of concerns that I couldn’t address at the time I was full and that’s where the space appeared to get together with Tomi,” says the musician, finding good news in the midst of the virus that paralyzed the world. (Telam)

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Ca7riel debuts as a soloist with “El Disko”

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