Bunbury definitively cancels all pending concerts

A few months ago, the artist from Zaragoza Bunbury announced in an official statement his withdrawal from the stage due to throat problems that have been with him for years. Initially the idea was to complete the pending actions until September of this year, but the former leader of Heroes of Silence has also been forced to cancel them.

Bad news for all his followers throughout the world, without a doubt, that Enrique Bunbury cannot continue touring. A few months ago he announced that, after concluding the pending appointments of his tour, he was going to withdraw from live shows due to problems with his voice. What we did not expect is that the situation would worsen and the man from Zaragoza would have to cancel absolutely all the dates that he had contracted for this summer. With this, he definitively says goodbye to the stage.

A new statement has been released on social networks, announcing that the remaining performances in the United States were cancelled. At the time of this release, Bunbury was in Chicago, on tour. “Unfortunately, today in Chicago, one day before the ‘show’ in Rosemont, we have to announce that we will not be able to continue with the tour. My problems with my throat and breathing increased and returned last night with sharpness and I I thought I was going to be controlled is totally out of my hands and desires”. And he continues: “It is impossible for me to do more concerts. I understand that many of you bought tickets for a North American tour that was already ‘sold out’ (sold out) and a Spanish tour that aimed the same,” he added about some tickets whose amount will be returned.

Bunbury has been dealing with health problems for about seven years, but these have gradually worsened. As he explained in his first statement, the problems began in 2015: “For a few years, I have been dragging a discomfort that has cost me a lot to locate and understand. Possibly, since the tour of “mutations” in 15-16 and above all in that of “Expectations”in the almost two and a half years that the tour lasted, between 17-19″, argued the singer.

Bunbury also assured: “The break in international tours, on the 20th and 21st, made me think that perhaps my illness had been diluted and the desire to meet again with the public, technicians and musicians on stage was a much more powerful force. What has happened to me on this Mexican tour confirms the opposite and confirms and advances a decision that I knew was close,” the musician sadly announced.

About his illness, the founder of Héroes del Silencio explained: “From the moment I leave my house and trips and shows begin, a compendium of symptoms and pains accompany me from the morning until the moment I get on the show. I have heard different names and diagnoses. The reality is that my throat closes up and irritates, and my airways make even the slightest exercise and execution of my work difficult. So what was normally a pleasure and delight has become a source of immense pain and suffering”.

This puts an end to Bunbury’s career on stage, which began back in the eighties, as a member of bands like Apocalypse, Rebel Waltz, Entropic Process and Glass Juiceand would be consolidated a little later with the formation of Heroes of Silence in 1984. His solo career after the breakup of the group lasted for twenty-five years, offering dozens of concerts on the other side of the Atlantic.

Now begins a new stage for the Aragonese musician in which he has assured that he will explore his compositional and creative facet. “From now on, endless possibilities open up before me, in which the creative, that is, composing songs, Recording albums, painting and writing poetry books are part of my goals. I am old enough to make this important change in my life and the support of my family and management, “he concluded in the first statement.

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Bunbury definitively cancels all pending concerts

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