Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck: “Nobody’s the next Metallica, are they?”

In a new interview for Metal Hammerfrontman Matt Tuck reminisced about when Bullet For My Valentine was at its commercial peak, around 2007 with the release of Scream Aim Fire, and how they coped with being sometimes dubbed “the next Metallica“.

In the article titled “10 Records That Changed My Life”, he states: “All of the hype in 2006 was the next Metallica. However, to be named in the same sentence as them, people clearly felt there was a certain connection and energy flowing between us and I find that fascinating and beautiful.”

He pursues : “I’m not going to say it was unpleasant to read those headlines, but nobody’s the next Metallica, are they? No one does what they did and achieves what they achieved, no matter how good their compositions are or how long they have been around. That kind of climbing is long gone.”

Tuck’s comments seem to echo those of Gene Simmons of Kiss, who has repeatedly stated that “Rock is dead”, not to say that the genre is sterile and no artists worth their salt have emerged. in recent years, but the music industry is significantly less lucrative and most musicians are struggling to make a living.

BFMV has been active for about 25 years, and is quite huge, with millions of fans worldwide. In the early 2000s, touted as one of the leaders of the Metalcore movement, Bullet were one of the fastest growing bands, but they still haven’t reached the commercial success of Metallica (at least for now). instant).

However, in June, Tuck said it was only a matter of time and patience before BFMV would “take over” from the current big bands.

Speaking about his band’s longevity on the Mark and Me Podcast, the frontman explained: “As long as we are happy [c’est bon]. Usually it’s about following your heart, it’s not about the money or anything else.”

“I think with maturity and years of experience, I kind of realized that I had to love what I was doing, first and foremost. It’s not about money, it’s never been about fame, I don’t give a damn about that side of my career. It’s more like, ‘Do I like it? Am I happy? Do I feel satisfied?’. And if it’s yes, then yeah, I’m all in, why stop, you know what I mean?

He continued: “Right now, that’s my mentality. I would absolutely like to be there in 20 years and be the headliner of all these festivals that Metallica has been doing for years. I think it’s in the cards. I think we just have to be patient and wait for some bands to hang up their guitars and pass the torch to the younger generation.”

He added : “Even though we’ve been doing this for 20 years, we’re by no means an old band, which is great. We are ready to give everything, but again, you just have to be patient. I like to think we’ll always be here [dans 20 ans]but it has to be for the right reasons, and everyone has to be happy deep down.”

Bullet For My Valentine recently released a deluxe version of their 2021 self-titled album. You can (re)listen to the single No More Tears To Cry below.

In addition, the group will leave in european tour in early 2023 (with Jinjer and Atreyu). You can find the details of the French-speaking shows below.

French-speaking concerts:

  • 01/31 – Paris, France: The Olympia
  • 02/13 – Zurich, Switzerland: The Hall
  • 02/21 – Toulouse, France: Bikini
  • 22/02 – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg: Rockhal
  • 02/26 – Brussels, Belgium: Former Belgium

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Bullet For My Valentine – No More Tears To Cry:

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Bullet For My Valentine’s Matt Tuck: “Nobody’s the next Metallica, are they?”

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