Bucéfalo says goodbye to 40 years of music with a concert at the Aqueduct of Miracles

After 40 years in the world of music, Bucéfalo says goodbye. He will do it on September 30 with a tribute concert at the Aqueduct of Miracles.

“It will be a first-class event, very important for the city,” highlights the mayor of Mérida, who has accompanied the group in the presentation of the show S’Akabó. “Bucéfalo is part of the history and heritage of Mérida; they are quite an institution”, affirms Antonio Rodríguez Osuna.

“This concert is a recognition of the work and effort to maintain rock and culture in the city. It is going to be a great show in a mythical place for culture and for the band such as the Los Milagros Aqueduct”, assured Osuna.

For his part Carlinos Masegosa, from Bucéfalo, explains that “already the rider stops riding but very calmly; The time has come, it is a stage that ends in which we have had the privilege of playing with almost all national and international bands, such as Scorpions. To say goodbye we have chosen a space that we inaugurated in 2008 and to this day the most beautiful space in the city for concerts”.

Bucéfalo, one of the most recognized rock bands in the city of Mérida, says goodbye to the stage with a special concert in the city that saw them born after almost forty years in activity. With fourteen records, four nominations and an Honor Award at the Extremeña Music Awards, being the Golden Shield of the City of Mérida and having countless collaborations with the best rock groups on the national and international scene. (Rosendo, Reincidentes, Scorpions…), the founders of “Rockastúo” say, after a long musical career, their last goodbye.

For this, the Acueducto de los Milagros will witness the tribute that the band wants to pay to all its members, from the group’s precursors to its current members. And it is that, from the first recordings in the eighties to the last compilation of 2018, they are about forty years old.

The journey of the Bucéfalos began, back in the eighties, in the Sala Trajano in Mérida. At that time, the band was taking its first steps in the rock scene in Merida and Extremadura, with humble recordings on cassette. The latest album published by Bucéfalo is ’35 no son ná’ (2018), a compilation CD of the group’s legacy from its birth to date.

Bucephalus concludes his journey

At its last stop, at the “Rockmano” Aqueduct in Mérida, at 8:30 p.m., the group will give a show that will feature Blas Barroso, Juan Flores ‘Chino’, Candi Sánchez Osuna, Vicente González, Joaquín Mora, Fali Gil , Paco Mata, Juan L. Parra, Javi Montero, Javier Cid, all the collaborating musicians of the group throughout all these years and, of course, with Carlinos Masegosa, mythical voice of the band.

The concert will also feature a performance by the historic Andalusian hard rock group The Storm, in addition to the collaboration of the Ciudad de Mérida Youth Orchestra, conducted by Pilar Vizcaíno Balsera; Nano Jiménez, drummer from Las Hurdes; Manu Herrera, guitarist of Magic Queen; and Alberto David, guitarist of Sinkope.

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Bucéfalo says goodbye to 40 years of music with a concert at the Aqueduct of Miracles

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