BTS’s last concert in years? These are the deadlines that its members face

The expected and massive concert that the South Korean band bts offered on Saturday in the South Korean city of Busanorganized to support the city’s bid to host Expo 2030, has been followed in 229 countries and regions through television broadcasts and through the internet, according to its representative agency, Hybe.

Nail 50,000 people filled the Asiada stadiumwhile others 12,000 gathered in different parts of the city to enjoy the recital through giant screens. In turn, the live broadcast through Weverse, Hybe’s social network, generated approximately 49 million views, to which should be added those generated through two other platforms that broadcast the concert online, ZEPETO and Ship Now.

The concert was a mass bath for the most successful K-Pop band in the world and it was followed with more interest than usual since it could be the last of the group in a long season.

Farewell concert How long can the break last?

Yesterday on stage Jin (whose real name is Kim Seok-jin and who as the oldest member must enlist in the army in December if he does not get the exception), announced that he will be the second member of BTS, after J Hopeto release a solo album.

The band has said that its members want to focus on solo projects and while he hasn’t said how long the hiatus will last, the group’s oldest singer faces a deadline this year to start the compulsory military service, so it could be years before. the whole gang could get back together.

In December, the culture Ministry South Korea will adopt a decision on whether or not to exempt to the seven members of BTS -RM, Jimin, Jin, V, Suga, J-Hope and Jungkook- to do the military service, mandatory for all able-bodied men in South Korea.

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If they are not exempted -a real possibility, since the decision to exempt them can lead to a huge controversy over favorable treatment in the Asian country- the artists would be forced to put their careers on hold for at least 18 months. If this extreme is confirmed, we probably would not have BTS concerts until, at least, the second half of 2024.

Even so, and despite the fact that the fans of BTS, the ARMY, have experienced this concert with an aftertaste of possible farewell, the K-Pop band wanted to give a message of hope: during the concert on Saturday several of the band members spoke of their desire to continue making their fans happy for decades to come.

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BTS’s last concert in years? These are the deadlines that its members face

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