BTS, The Story Of “7÷7=7” Officially Begins In 2023

What’s in store for BTS’ 10th anniversary in 2023?

BTS, which debuted in 2013 and impressed the world, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. Chapter 2 of the group will naturally open by joining “Older Brother” Jin, sequentially, and the members and Big Hit expect to resume their full activities in 2025.

BTS, the story of

Big Hit said last Saturday: “BTS filled 2022 with ;BTS’; versatile performance, not only with group activities but also individual activities. »

“BTS, who started a new chapter combining group activities and individual activities, closed this year separately and together, organizing their future individual and group activities this year. »

BTS, the story of

About six months ago, the members even showed off their strong friendship with a “friendship tattoo.” The number of members 7 is engraved.

What’s in store for the band’s 10th anniversary? Here are the chapters that the group has finished? closed in 2022 and those that will open in 2022!

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◆ The “Proof” anthology album, chapter 1

BTS released the anthology album “Proof” on June 10 to mark the 9th anniversary of their debut and wrote “History of Proof” several times. “Proof” sold over 2.1553.63 million copies on Hanteo Chart in a single day after its release.

The list of the 3rd CD of

In the history of Hanteo Chart, “Proof” is the only album whose sales exceeded 2 million copies on the first day of its release. “Proof” went straight to the top of Billboard’s “Billboard 200” major albums (June 25). BTS will therefore have its sixth album No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

BTS, the story of

◆ BTS also collaborated with various artists in 2022.

Jimin topped the iTunes Top Song chart (April 25) in 100 countries and regions with his collaboration song with Ha Sungwoon “With You” (the OST of drama “Our Blues”) released on April 24.
On the same day Suga released a collaboration song “That That” (BTS prod. & feat. SUGA) with singer-producer PSY.

BTS, the story of

The song exploded worldwide, including being chosen as one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 100 Song of the Year”.

Jungkook won the “Collaboration of the Year” category at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards in the United States for his song “Left and Right” with American producer and singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, released on June 24.

BTS, the story of

BTS’ vocal line consisting of Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook topped the iTunes “Top Song” chart (August 6) in 74 countries and regions with collaboration song “Bad Decision” featuring American producer Benny Blanco and the American hip-hop star Snoop Dogg, released August 5.

◆ ‘7÷7=7’

BTS, the story of

Members’ individual activities prove that they are ‘7÷7=7’, not ‘7÷7=1’. They prove their abilities as solo artists with their own names, not the title of BTS, and this is due to their activities converging as the foundation of BTS.

BTS, the story of

J-Hope’s debut solo album, “Jack In The Box,” released on July 15, entered the Billboard 200 (July 30) at No. 17. Pre-release song “MORE” topped the iTunes chart.” Top Song” (July 2) in 84 countries and regions.

BTS, the story of

The title track “Arson” recently entered the world’s largest music streaming service Spotify’s “Daily Top Song Global” chart at No. 15 (July 15) and topped the “Weekly Digital Album Ranking” of Oricon (July 25).

jhope Arson 2

“Jack in the Box” was also named one of the “Top 50 Best Album of the Year” with a perfect score of 5 in British music magazine NME. Rolling Stone, one of America’s leading music magazines, praised “His talent that shines through this album”, citing “Best Music of the Year” and “Top 50 Best Albums of the Year” .

BTS, the story of

Jin’s solo single “The Astronaut”, released on October 28, topped the iTunes “Top Song” chart (as of October 29) in 97 countries/regions. On the day of its release, 709,954 copies of the physical album were sold on Hanteo Chart. “The Astronaut” was also named one of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Songs of the Year.

BTS, the story of

RM set various records with his first official solo album “Indigo” released on December 2. “Indigo” ranked third on Billboard’s most recent chart (December 31). The highest Korean solo artist album record ever on the Billboard 200 main chart.

Rolling Stone included “Indigo” as “Music of the Year” and said, ” This album is a rich exploration of RM’s inner world, remorse and hope for the future to reflect on his purpose as an artist. »

BTS, the story of

On December 24, V released a cover of classic Christmas songs “it’s beginning to look like christmas” on his official soundcloud and blog as a gift for fans around the world. V, who usually likes jazz, used his unique touch with his deep voice.

◆ Always so entertaining… And variety shows

Although there are various factors that make BTS popular, the accumulated sense of fun since “Run BTS” also played a role. Even now, with their aura of global superstars, they are not shy in entertainment programs.

season 2 In the Soop Friendcation return

V appeared in Hybe’s original content “In The Soop: Friendcation” with his best friends Park Seojoon, Pickboy, Choi Woosik, and Park Hyungsik. Jin appeared alone in content such as SBS’s “No Preprared” and “Running Man” in collaboration with Jongwon Baek and showed his passion.

RM was selected as a regular MC for tvN’s “알쓸인잡” and showed up with a different charm.

알쓸인잡 bts rm

BTS has also been actively communicating with fans around the world via webcasts. Jin appeared on “I prepare little for you” and “Hal Myungsoo,” and RM appeared on “Smile Show.”

Suga shows his sincerity by meeting and talking with people from various walks of life accompanied by music through his own chat content “Suchwita,” which aired its first episode on December 5.

BTS will continue to pursue their individual activities in 2023, which marks their 10th anniversary. Group content prepared by Jin before starting his service is also expected to be released sequentially.

Various events will also take place to mark their 10th anniversary. For example, the Korea Currency and Security Society plans to release an official medal to commemorate the 10th anniversary of their debut.


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BTS, The Story Of “7÷7=7” Officially Begins In 2023

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