Brutal! 5 Adele achievements to understand the importance of her in the music industry

At this stage, Is there anyone who doesn’t know Adele? It is no secret to anyone that for almost a decade, this british artist became one of the most important of our timessince he has released albums and songs that marked millions of people around the world and despite the fact that he takes a long time publishing new music, the expectation of listening to everything he has to say through his songs is never lost.

Nevertheless, As incredible as it may seem, it is very likely that there are people who doubt the relevance of this singer-songwriter in the music industry.. That is why in order for you to check the impact that this artist has (and because we like to talk with data), Here we tell you about some records and achievements that he has conquered and that almost no one has been able to achieve.

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Adele She is one of the most important artists in the music industry of the new millennium and here we bring you this list that proves it. And while we’re at it, don’t miss the coverage we’ll have in the Instagram of Sopitas FM Well, we’re going to see it live in Las Vegas.

5 Adele achievements to understand her importance in the music industry
Don’t miss our coverage of Adele live from Las Vegas. Photo: Special

Adele is the artist who has won the most BRIT Awards

In 2021 and after six years of silence, Adele returned with 30, an album that through interesting melodies and brutal honesty, the singer opened her soul to bring us personal and emotional lyrics about her divorce, motherhood, bittersweet endings and new beginnings. That is why a year later, it was not surprising that was at the BRIT Awards not only to give a spectacular presentation, but also swept the awards.

On that occasion, it took the three main categories: artist of the year, song of the year and British album of the year.. Previously, he already had nine awards for his previous albums, but what he achieved in 2022 was surprising, because became the most-acclaimed female artist in UK music award history. And beware, what he was one award away from tying Robbie Williams’ record, as he is the only one who has won 13 BRIT’s in his career. Something that could easily break in the future.

Adele held the record for the fastest video to reach one billion views for years

The music industry is changing, because every so often we see the rise and fall of bands. And it is precisely because of how things are handled in the industry that it is surprising that Adele has held the record for the fastest video clip to reach one billion views on YouTubeWell, it took a while for them to take it off.

It was on October 22, 2015 when the video for “Hello” appeared on YouTube and since then it has become an immediate success.. It reached 100 million views in the first four days, and 1 billion views just 87 days after the clip was uploaded to the video platform.

Other artists who broke said record would come later, such as Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi, BTS, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and even Justin Bieber, but No one can take away Adele’s satisfaction from continuing with the title for two years in a row, because until now no musical figure has been able to surpass her..

Adele managed to get a streaming platform to change its format

Currently (and as much as it hurts all of us who love the physical format), everyone listens to their favorite songs and albums on streaming platforms. Very few fans buy the record or the vinyl, but speaking of digital services, Adele gave us a very particular case that shows us the enormous influence she has within the music industry.

It turns out that when 30 came to Spotify, the British singer was not so happy to say. we say it because By default, users have to randomly listen to any disc. Nevertheless, Adele complained about this situation, as she wanted her album to be heard chronologically. That is why asked the platform to remove the shuffle button, so that the songs could be heard in the correct order and thus, his fans listen to the story as it should be… and he succeeded! Only she can do that.

Adele took the award for the best-selling album of 2021 … in just 43 days

As we already mentioned before, since Adele launched 30broke it all over the world. And it’s not for less, because this album was one of the most anticipated of the year in which it appeared and it reached the public directly with raw, honest and brave songs. Nevertheless, In addition to winning the approval of a large part of the world and specialized critics, this board also did wonderfully in terms of sales..

So you will have an idea, this album became the best seller of 2021 and the one who managed to keep this recognition the fastest. Imagine how cannon it was that he kept this record by selling more than five million equivalent physical copies in just 43 days, as the album hit stores on November 19… a real madness.

As if this weren’t enough, Adele also swept all three International Federation of the Phonographic Industry charts. (IFPI): World All Format Albums Chart, World Album Sales Chart (beating Folklore by Taylor Swift) and the World Vinyl Albums Chart (beating The Beatles for best-selling vinyl in a year and topping second-biggest vinyl sales week ever with 50,000 copies).

Adele is the British artist who has taken the most Grammy awards home

Last but not least, we have another Adele record that no one has been able to take away: the British artist with the most Grammy Awards won. In 2012, she won the 54th ceremony of the most important awards in the music industry, as swept every category she was nominated for overnight, thanks to her album twenty-one and to songs that would later become some of his most iconic songs.

In that song he took very important awards for Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Short Music Video, and Best Pop Solo Performance. With it, she broke the record of six wins, more than any other British artist at a single Grammy ceremony. Also, With a total of 15 awards and 18 nominations, Adele is the UK artist who has won the most Grammy’s.

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Brutal! 5 Adele achievements to understand the importance of her in the music industry

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