Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña: Guests, decoration and all the details of the wedding

They began their sentimental relationship a little over five years ago. And this last Saturday, after postponing the date last December due to the political crisis, the host Brunella Horna and the ex-congressman Richard Acuna They walked down the aisle together to say yes.

The wedding took place in the facilities of a venue located in the Lima district of La Molina. As could be seen in the images published by different guests at the event, the decoration was a luxury. The white floral arrangements, the seven-story cake, the brilliant altar, the tables of sweet snacks, among other ornaments that were praised by Mike Bay.

Because, indeed, the Colombian was the big surprise of the night for many. He not only put on a little show, but he sat next to Brunella Horna and Richard Acuna to sing to them, in the style of a serenade, his song “Lovers”. “The decoration is beautiful, the energy and I feel very happy to be here,” said the singer.

Guests and more live shows

Another highlight of the wedding of Brunella Horna Y Richard Acuna It was the list of guests, several of them celebrities who came to celebrate the love of the couple. Thus, it was possible to see in the stories that they were publishing on their Instagram account, the host’s companions in “América Hoy”, such as Ethel Pozo, Christian Domínguez, Janet Barboza and Edson Dávila

was also Gisela Valcárcel, who came in a glittering black dress. At one point during the celebration, the presenter of “El Gran Show” took the stage to address some affectionate words to mike bay, who was introducing the newly married couple. “I have to give you a kiss. Good night, Mike dear,” she told him, and the artist showered her with praise.

Other figures from Peruvian television did not miss the marriage, such as Valeria Piazza and Pierr Cateriano, Maju Mantilla and her husband Gustavo Salcedo, Ivana Yturbe and his partner Beto Da Silva, Silvia Cornejo, among others. The presence of the soccer player Christian Cueva drew attention, who, like Gisela, accompanied the singer Marisol on stage.

The interpreter of songs like “El mantenido” and “Te vas con ella” shared her microphone with the blanquirroja player to add the cumbia quota to the party. The rock one was in charge of the group We The Lion.

The dance of the bride and groom and the closing of the wedding

In an event like this, there was no shortage of episodes to remember: from Ethel Pozo’s delay in arriving at the wedding to the steps of the song “Envolver”, by the Brazilian Anitta, which Brunella Horna He decided to dance with his guests. The bride even shed tears as she offered her wedding vows.

The presenter of “América Hoy” confessed how she ended up falling in love with Richard Acuna: “To their children and to me (…) that was what made me fall in love with you, because when we started dating, I called my grandmother and told her, ‘I’m afraid of making a mistake’, and she kept quiet and told me, ‘look how he treats his children.’”

The couple’s dance did not go unnoticed either. Both moved on the floor to the rhythm of the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran. And at the end of the celebration, they served a little water that the guests thanked through social networks. It was, without a doubt, a night to remember for all who attended.


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Brunella Horna and Richard Acuña: Guests, decoration and all the details of the wedding

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