Bruce Springsteen, McFly and Carlito, Claude François: the non-exhaustive playlist of the most misogynistic songs

Abundant in sexist clichés and derogatory remarks towards the fairer sex, are these pieces career accidents or the works of arrogant macho and misogynists? Exhumation and exegesis of the most gamey texts.

Bye Bye, Little Julie” – Claude François (1970)

Thanks to you I rediscovered // The universe of my young years // And your grace and your freshness //
Little by little healed my heart

Self-proclaimed phallocrat, Cloclo, the idol of (too?) young people, mainly invited prepubescent groupies, impressed by his aura and his rhinestone cufflinks, to his bachelor pad at the Moulin de Dannemois. “Girls over 18 are starting to think. They are no longer natural. They feel obliged to take a stand. They are no longer this kind of dream that the girl represents for me”, confided even the unhappy singer and sweating over his unhealthy obsession on leaving a concert in the 70s. An appetite for young girls in bloom that sweats the lyrics of “Bye Bye, Petite Julie”, a forgettable and bombastic (oops) ballad that deserves to stay in the moldy stocks of 45s at country flea markets.

“Your Style” – Leo Ferré (1971)

“Your style is your ass it’s your ass it’s your ass // Your style is my law when you do it bitch!”

The anarchist spits out his patriarchy on the skirt flush with the candy in “Your Style”, which attends with bitterness the demonstrations and bareleg parades of the militants of the Movement for the Liberation of Women (MLF). Held too short and frivolous for the lustful eye. Quite distressing for a poet of this stature.

“Tonight’s The Night (Gonna Be Alright) – Rod Stewart (1976)

“Come on my angel, my heart is on fire // Don’t refuse your man’s desire // You’d be stupid to stop this tide // Spread your wings and let me in because // Tonight is THE night “

Let’s ignore the weight of Rod The Mod’s peroxidized porcupine mule to enter the coercive monologue he maintains to tell his blonde partner that it’s time to go to the pan. Delicacy and thoughtfulness in front of a fireplace burning with desire before climbing the carpeted and bronzed stairs to satisfy the voracious appetite of the English rooster. charming.

“Fire” – Bruce Springsteen (1977)

“I’m getting closer // You just say no // You say you don’t like it // But girl I know you’re a liar // I say I want to stay // You say you want to be alone / / You say you don’t love me // You can’t hide your desire”

The most progressive rocker born in The USA , “The Boss”, disappoints by swapping his declarations of love for a declaration of domination and constraint in Rod Stewart style. When it’s no, it’s no. Nope ? The covers of this tube with hints of apology for rape are however countless.

“Melissa” – Julien Clerc (1984)

She screams but of course no one comes down // Under the silk of her slit skirt, zooming in, close-up // A whole bunch of people are filming black and white

Strangers crowding at the windows of a young mixed-race woman (the info is important) and filming her without her knowing it? And the police are ignoring the case? Bingo, let’s sing his distress on a musical background reminiscent of the tropics and the coconut. A beautiful hymn to voyeurism and objectification.

“Kill You” – Eminem (2000)

Bitch, I’m gonna kill you // You don’t wanna fuck with me // Girls neither, you’re nothing but a bitch to me. // Bitch, I’m gonna kill you // You don’t have the balls to fight // We’ll never stop fighting, I don’t crush the fight. // You better kill me

The little protege of the legendary king of the West Coast Dr. Dre literally buries his mother, constantly in the crosshairs of his pen, in more than explicit punchlines. A call for rape and murder, just that. Disgust with the female sex reigns throughout his discography built ab irato in a chaotic family context.

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“Being A Woman 2010” – Michel Sardou (2010)

Really all the words, impossible to isolate a passage.

Who whispered in the ear of the old veteran of French chanson that an electro-nerdy remix of his controversial 80s hit was the event that the French public was crying out for? Sardou’s vision of women in 2010 devours stereotypes and slices, with its phallocentric knife, the advances won at the cost of feminist struggles. Did we really need his appreciation? Happy retirement that said, Michel.

“Why Don’t We Go There?” – One Direction (2013)

I know you wanna, I know you wanna take it easy // But think of all the places we could go // If you give in tonight

The descendants of British pop boy bands have called on an army of songwriters to lay down an anesthetic melody that advocates the idea that it’s sometimes good to let yourself go, against your will, in the arms of your courtier in diaper -cheeky. The separation of the group will have at least allowed the disappearance of this insignificant air.

“My Papuan” – Marc Lavoine (2018)

Ma papou, ma papou // Doing her striptease to prepare my steeplechase // Straightened the tower of Pisa, the showcase is hot // Hotter, they say, than the Piton de la Fournaise

“A quiet domination in this taste of certain aging white men for (very) young racialized women: Lavoine, Yann Moix, Vincent Cassel …”, protests Mona Chollet, author of “Reinventing Love”, at the listening to the single “Ma Papou”, signed Marc Lavoine. An ode to the fetishism of unhealthy and very embarrassing “exotic” bodies which just teaches us that Grandpa’s tower of Pisa is resisting.

“TikTok Girl” – McFly and Carlito (2021)

She puts Rimmel on her eyes // And a cheap foundation // Gloss and concealer // Then she turns on her light // She closes her bedroom door // So that her father doesn’t yells at her // She puts on her Jennyfer crop-top // And lets her legs show

The facetious 30-something duo from YouTube tried their hand at music for an album mixing pop, rap, rock, country and paternalism. In “TikTok Girl”, the denunciation of the toxicity of the networks turns into caricature and hypersexualization of the little girls who are followers of the totem application of their time. Heartbreaking.


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Bruce Springsteen, McFly and Carlito, Claude François: the non-exhaustive playlist of the most misogynistic songs

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