Bordeaux Care Lab: a new incubator dedicated to health

Partners and winners of the first promotion of the Bordeaux Care Lab were gathered on Monday for the launch of the incubator – credit AL

The Unitec technology park, the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Allis-NA skills center kicked off a new incubator on Monday, Bordeaux Care Lab, which will focus on supporting health startups in specific areas of their development, from regulatory issues to patient access and financing strategy. Seven startups make up its first promotion.

After sport, e-commerce, wine or tourism, Unitec has a new specialized incubator, this time dedicated to health startups. “We have already supported around sixty projects in the sector, recalls Stéphane Rochon, general manager of the technopole. We wanted to group these projects around a thematic incubator, in association with partners capable of delivering high added value”. The desire was embodied on Monday with the inauguration of the Bordeaux Care Lab, whose support program will be provided by Unitec, in partnership with the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Alliance Innovation Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine skills center (Allis-NA) . Seven startups make up the first promotion, with activities that are divided between three main topics: digitization at the service of the hospital pathway, connected health devices and artificial intelligence at the service of care or health. Stéphane Rochon spins the medical metaphor: “the idea is to create a cohort, that these seven projects generate synergies”.

The issues of financing and marketing assistance are at the forefront of the incubator’s concerns, in a health sector governed by strong regulatory constraints, such as obtaining CE marking or authorizations for repayment. “The objective is also to facilitate the assembly of POC (proof of concept) and access to data”, adds Unitec which, to do this, relies on the support but also the network of its two partners. “This incubator is an opportunity to connect those who make health today and those who will create the health of tomorrow, welcomes Yann Bubien, general manager of the CHU of Bordeaux, for whom this association is part of the approach of openness and innovation carried out locally by the hospital. We must all get involved in these subjects, I do not want digital health to be left to actors whose intentions are not always irreproachable, we must restore power on these issues to those who know. The CHU should thus offer incubated start-ups privileged access to its clinical research and innovation department, as well as easy contact with its experimental capacities and its 2,500 practitioners.

“Confrontation with industrialists and experts in the sector, even with patients, is a major acceleration lever for health innovation, and it is a necessity to be incubated in confrontation with a collective, on cross-cutting issues , especially in a health ecosystem that sometimes appears like a labyrinthine mosaic”, abounds Christian Fillatreau, president of Allis-NA, who is committed to promoting networking and visibility with regional players in the sector, start with its 150 members. Bordeaux Care Lab will be led by Clémence Roy, health start-up manager at Unitec.

The seven startups of the first Bordeaux Care Lab promotion
In the field of hospital care, G5 Digital develops a software suite designed to support health professionals on mobile, and help them in the secure collection of medical data that escapes the scope of computerized patient records. The startup e-Hospit is developing Sophi, a platform in the form of a digital assistant dedicated to optimizing administrative procedures in the preoperative course. “15% of interventions are canceled or postponed for file defects”, argues its co-founder, Salem Meghachi.

Three startups are evolving in the field of connected health devices. Little Piece of Lightwhich went through the SATT Aquitaine incubator, uses virtual reality to improve the management of pediatric dental care, with VR environments designed to calm and entertain the child, while maintaining a link with the dentist. eMaginawhich is currently finalizing its first fundraiser, is developing a vaginal balloon connected to a mobile application, designed to help women prepare for childbirth by softening their perineum. Myotact tackles phantom limb disorders suffered by amputees, with a device that also facilitates the control of myoelectric prostheses.

The last two young shoots explore the paths of artificial intelligence. At the house of Vulgaroothe algorithms are used to generate examination reports accessible to the lay patient, while Louisa develops a support platform for health professionals involved in assisted reproduction pathways.

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Bordeaux Care Lab: a new incubator dedicated to health

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