Booba, Stavo and Smahlo: releases for the week of October 14

On this October 14, the program of outings is loaded. We lean on it, to see more clearly between mastodons and rookies with long teeth.

Suffering – Magic trick

The light goes out, the curtain opens and all dressed in white, Souffrance appears. After years of waiting outside the doors, the guy from Montreuil is now on the other side. Not in the bleachers which, little by little, are darkening, but indeed on the stage. If free seats are increasingly lacking, it is because the representation it offers us is sumptuous. Control, sincerity and quality, Souffrance deploys its arsenal, assisted by Cenza, Prince Waly and Limsa d’Aulnay. So take your seats and come and attend the Magic trick of the rapper.

Gi – KISS & FLY <3

Want to extend the summer? Want a ray of sunshine to split the gray October sky? Gio takes care of it, offering today the 5 titles KISS & FLY <3. The Swiss travels, and takes us on board with him, passing through Italy before dropping off his luggage at “MYKONOS” for a new meeting with his sidekick Rounhaa. A more than sunny EP, and it feels good right now.

$ouley – 5ecret 5tar 5system*

Like the feeling that $ouley will greatly animate our end of the year 2022. A few weeks later 4 DA SUMMER!the Bordeaux native delivers a short EP of three tracks, entirely produced by Paul Dumas, entitled 5ecret 5tar 5system*. In the space of only three titles, we travel through several sounds, going from an incredibly soft jersey to a piece with a very well-felt sample. A real treat.

Smahlo- Horizon

Take a powerful voice, acaccompanied by melodies oscillating between Afro, pop and rap, andny mixing influences from Congolese gospel and un physics à la Notorious BIG. And you will get a young artist from Brussels: Smahlo. He is distinguished by his inimitable voice timbre, and a musical universe full of relief. Available today, his very first EP is called Horizonand welcomes two feats Geeeko and Gotti Maras.

Femtogo- One Man Army

After the double Irko operation, in tandem with Amnezzia then Meel B, SPK today sends a new super soldier on a mission. Femtogo deploys its arsenal on the battlefield. As efficient as a nuclear warhead, Femtogo reverse-engineers every production neophron dares to send it. A compelling and promising four-track EP.

LauCarré – Down stairs in my house

Revealed and produced by BigFlo and Oli, LauCarré continues to build its universe with Down stairs in my houseTwo years later The die is cast. On very melodic prods, the young rapper recounts his nostalgia and his introspection in 7 tracks. Fredz joins LauCarré on “Si mon cœur passe l’hiver”, a title full of love and regrets. A promising project.

Nelick- Vanilla Strawberry

With this fifth project, Nelick further evolves its musical space, a groovy and colorful realm inspired by Steve Lacy and Mac DeMarco. On the tracklist, made up of 9 titles, Milena Leblanc, Le Sid, Anna Majidson and even Arielle Dombasle on the superb “i love u”. Vanilla Strawberrythis is what the artist calls “bedroom funk“, a mixture of sounds interpreted by a nonchalant and contemplative Nelick.

Booba – “KOA”

After weeks of teasing, Booba has finally released the long-awaited “KOA”. If the snippet made available after his concert at the Stade de France had already convinced, the piece produced by X-Plosive does not disappoint, imposing a B20 on a ground that he masters to perfection.

S.Téban – “QN Baby”

Marseille is teeming with talented rappers. We know that. But among them, S.Téban seems to stand out more and more. After his excellent appearance in the ERROR Tap on “VVS”, the young artist signs a brilliant comeback with the excellent “QN Baby”, produced by Demna and its superb clip directed by Pablo Jomaron and Raphael Lopez. One of our favorites of this beginning of October.

Jey Brownie – “Movie” (feat. Freeze Corleone)

Flem had already announced it. Jey Brownie is one of his favorite rappers. What could be more logical than to find the artist with sharp toplines featuring Freeze Corleone to teaser his future project. On a surprising prod signed Flem, which brings us back to the PBB years of Freeze, the two artists show an attractive synergy, giving a largely successful track.

Stavo – “Michigan” (feat. Zed)

Stavo’s album should be soon, and the wait should be worth it. After the collaboration with Freeze Corleone, Stavo lifts the veil today on a new featuring, this time with Zed. Together, the two members of 13 Block rarely miss each other, proof of this is still the chemistry they show on “Michigan”.

Jwles – “2001”

A prod jewel signed V900 and Mad Rey and Jwles once again signs a maddeningly easy performance. The writing is as sharp as ever, the visuals as successful as ever and the placements as precise as ever. It’s been a busy year for zin, between EP releases and effective short singles, and “2001” clearly falls into this second category.

1PLIKE140 – “No Lackin”

1PLIKE140 is on a pretty impressive run. Since the start of the school year, the rapper from Clamart has already unveiled four songs. “No Lackin”, released today, is therefore the fifth and remains in the same vein as what 1PLIKÉ has ​​been offering since the start of the school year. A dark prod, with drill reflections this time, signed DIGITAL NAK on which the rapper puts a unique verse. We don’t really know what he’s up to, but if an album is planned, we might as well say that the level is likely to be raised.

Stany – “Only You” (feat. Offset & Rema)

If his melodies have toured the world and won certifications of all kinds, coming to be added to the music of DJ Snake or Cardi B, Stany comes out of the shadows today and delivers his first track: “Only You” . And for this first piece, Stany knew how to surround himself nicely: Offset and Rema.

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Booba, Stavo and Smahlo: releases for the week of October 14

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