Billie Eilish reveals why she radically changed her look

There are more and more artists who, during the process of promoting their projects, open up to the channel so that the user can get to know them a little more closely. In this case, Billie Eilish is responsible for half the world know your insecuritiesbut also everything that has struggled to overcome them and become the musical icon that is today. The interpreter of “Bad Guy” is the new cover of the magazine sheand during his interview he revealed the real reason that led him to radically change his look.

“I couldn’t go anywhere with that hair, because it was so obvious that it was me. I wanted anonymity“, she began explaining. “When I became blonde again I went to a park with a friend and thought: “I can’t take my hood off!” I was terrified by the paparazzi and stalkers I’ve had. But my friend told me: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen”. At that moment I took off my hood and I felt like new, “he confessed.

In addition, Eilish indicated that there are many fans who ask back for the striking green hair with which we began to know her: “The other day, I posted a video of when I had green hair and I saw people say: “I miss this Billie, the green-haired Billie. But I’m still the same person. I’m not just there are different Barbies with different heads.” An explanation he expanded on by stating that people “holding on to these memories” is very dehumanizing: “I lost 100,000 followers just because of the boobs“, He related referring to his change of wardrobe. “People are afraid of big tits.”

“When people send me something bad, it hurts my soul”

On several occasions, Billie has had to endure comments from all kinds of users who belittled her physique or the relationships she had with her partners: “Or my sexuality! As if that were everyone else’s business, right? No.Where are those questions with men? At no time did I say, “Hey, pay attention to my life. When people send me something bad, it hurts in my soul“.

As a result of this controversy, the Madonna hinted to the number of haters that Eilish has to face on a daily basis: “The problem is that we still live in a very sexist world where women are classified into categories. Or are you in the category of virgin or in the category of slut. Billie started out in a non-sexualized category, not pandering to the masses and not using her sexuality in any way, which is her choice and God bless her for that; after all, she’s been a teenager all this time. But if she wants to turn around and take pictures in which she portrays her as a feminine woman, showing her body in a way that she hasn’t done in the past,why should she be punished for it? Women should be able to portray themselves the way they want. If Billie were a man, no one would write about this.”

Eilish is pretty clear about it: “The other day, I decided to wear a tank top. It wasn’t even a provocative shirt. But I know people will say, “Fuck, she dresses sexy and she’s trying to do a statement of intentAnd I said, “No, I don’t. It’s 40 degrees and I just want to wear a tank top.”

“The album grew out of a lot of self-reflection”

Despite the gossip that arises around her person, Billie has managed to redeem herself from all of them to come out stronger than ever. In fact, the release of Happier Than Ever has brought with it a multitude of hits that the artist herself never imagined: “I love this album. It’s the best thing I’ve ever created. It also came from a lot of self-reflection. “Happier Than Ever” actually this is me processing a trauma. Making this record was cathartic and liberating.”

“From the beginning, almost all of my videos were my own ideas. What I didn’t know was that I could direct them. It is difficult to translate an idea that you have in your head, make someone else understand it, and then make it happen. Sometimes you have to do it yourself, even if it’s difficult.” In fact, one of the biggest fears of his and that she had to face face to face for the shooting of some video clips was water. “Used to be my biggest fear“, he confessed during the meeting: “I was afraid of drowning and having my head stuck under the water. But I am a daredevil. I want to do everything that scares me,” she concluded.

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Billie Eilish reveals why she radically changed her look

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