Billie Eilish releases two new songs and leaves the premiere of her next album in the air

billie eilish began her journey through the music industry in 2016, being just a girl of 14 years, and since then it has not stopped shining. Success came long before maturity when his Ocean Eyes rolled all over the planet, popularizing his name to unsuspected limits.

It was his own brother Finneas O’Connell who transformed all his talent and shaped it with the publication of his first EP Don’t Smile at Mewhich would produce in 2017.

Later, specifically in 2019, his first studio album When We All Fall, that turned it into a symbol and musical icon, saw the light.

Later, the warm victory of two Grammy Awards would arrive in the categories Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album.

There is no doubt that the American artist from 20 years It is an international phenomenon. But above all, it is a box of surprises, and as a good lover of the improvised, this Friday she surprised all her followers with two new songs.

On this occasion, Billie Eilish shows off her purest magnetism and shows herself wasting energy with two explosive launches. TV and The 30th They are the two advances of what promises to be his future album Guitar Songs and that has already left his followers wanting more.

‘TV’: Sofa and ice cream heartbreak?

Already in her recent concert in Manchester, the American sang live and direct TV, with a fine acoustic in the company of the person who knows him best: his brother Finneas.

Warning that this moment was going to be absolutely unique, she and her brother interpreted it with great affection and with absolute delicacy and, after the unexpected presentation, the singer confirmed that it was the first time since 2017 that she had played a live song before its releasewhich drove those present crazy.

However, now TV It’s already ours and it’s a matter of time before the song tops the charts.

TV has a duration of 4 minutes 41 seconds and a melody that tastes like couch heartbreak and tears, which makes her equal to the rest of mortals. The lyrics narrate her own love drama, telling us in a very sweet and sincere way, how even a superstar who appears on television can be left and suffer for it.

‘The 30th’: instructions to free yourself from pain

Far from giving us a song, Billie Eilish wanted to give us the 30thhis second premiere.

The song was born as a way to redeem her singer-songwriter soul, who had not personally composed with her brother since Happier Than Ever.

The origin of the lyrics finds its breeding ground in a situation that happened in the life of the singer and that ends up disrupting her entire world, being driven to write it

Ultimately, both the 30th What TV they are two acoustic songs that seem to define the line that his next project will follow Guitar Songswhose launch seems to be just around the corner.

“A little surprise for you… TWO NEWS!!!! ‘TV’ and ‘The 30th’!!!”. These songs mean a lot to me. I’m so happy they’re yours.”

With this text, this Friday the artist left two musical gifts for her followers, who They have welcomed him with open arms.

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Billie Eilish releases two new songs and leaves the premiere of her next album in the air

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