Billie Eilish interrupts one of her concerts to help a ‘fan’ with breathing problems

Billie Eilish has made it clear on more than one occasion that her commitment to mental health is total. In 2019 she already explained in an interview with radio host Zane Lowe that, after her first concerts as an artist in 2016, she began to have the need to go to a psychologist: “I may not have wanted to listen to her advice, but I did need to be listened to,” she confessed then. Many of her songs are dedicated to anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia that she, as she has claimed more than once, suffers from. ocean eyes, six feet under either everything i wanted They are some of the most praised by their followers for breaking taboos and making these disorders visible. She has now shown that her thing is not just words, but also actions, by interrupting her last concert to worry about the health of one of her fans, who was having trouble breathing.

The concert, which took place in Atlanta (USA), was one of the first of his tour Happier Than Ever, which started just a few days ago. In the middle of her performance, the singer pointed her finger at a point in the audience that especially caught her attention. “Is everything okay around here?” She questioned her first. Noticing that one of her followers in the crowd was experiencing a seizure and not breathing properly, she decided to call it quits. “Waiting. I help you ”, she sentenced, approaching the area of ​​the stage where the fan.

After being told by the sufferer that he needed an inhaler to recover, Eilish immediately turned to several members of her team onstage to ask if anyone could get one. While the search for the drug was carried out, the American composer did not hesitate to comfort her admirer and ask those around her not to crowd around her. “Guys, give him some time,” she begged. “Here we take care of our people. I will wait for everyone to be okay before continuing.” The crowd erupted in cheers at her attitude, a moment that has been captured on video and highly acclaimed on social media ever since.

When the interpreter bad guy and his team found that the fan was feeling well enough to stay put, he mouthed, “I love you.” Before continuing with the rest of the Showthe singer did not hesitate to take a little more time to share with those present a quick deep breathing exercise, in order to calm anyone who needed it.

After what happened, Twitter has been filled with comments. Some have wondered if the young man’s problem was due to an anxiety or asthma attack, something that has not been confirmed. However, most of these mentions applauded the singer’s reaction. Many have compared and pointed out the differences between his way of treating the public with that of rapper Travis Scott in November 2021, when eight people were crushed to death at his concert during the Astroworld festival and numerous victims came to denounce him for “inciting chaos”. ” and be a part of the tragedy.

This is not the first time that Billie Eilish has stopped one of her shows after worrying about the welfare of his followers. In September 2021, during The Governors Ball festival in New York City, she interrupted his performance to call out members of the venue’s security for failing to help fainting people in the crowd. “Security, why aren’t you paying attention? How can it be? ”, He shouted then, but not before asking the crowd:“ Everything in order? Are you OK?”.

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Billie Eilish interrupts one of her concerts to help a ‘fan’ with breathing problems

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