Billie Eilish confesses that she was addicted to pornography at age 11: “It destroyed my brain”

At just 19 years old, Billie Eilish has become one of the great voices in the industry, not only musically but also as a representation of the most relevant problems and issues for Generation Z. Her latest confession comes through an interview in The Howard Stern Show, in which she reveals an addiction that has plagued her since a very young age and left her, in her own words, “incredibly broken”. “As a woman, I think porn is a disgrace. I’ll be honest: I used to watch a lot of porn. I started when she was 11 years old”, she recounts, and she assures that as a child she thought that it would help her feel “like one of the boys” her age.

But the vice ended up affecting his mental health. “I think it destroyed my brain,” he adds after confessing that he suffered nightmares because some of the content he saw was very violent and abusive. As a child, she was not able to glimpse the damage that this hobby could do to her, something that she regrets today due to the consequences that she has had on her way of living her first sexual experiences. “I didn’t refuse to do things that weren’t good the first few times I had sex. And it was because I thought that was what I was supposed to like,” she explains. Eilish, who was educated in Los Angeles and has seven Grammy Awards, is well known for her often dark lyrics. in the ballad Male Fantasy from their second studio album, Happier Than Eversings to the loneliness he suffered after a breakup and tells how he remembers being distracted at home with pornography.

The singer, who in 2020 became the youngest person in history to win four Grammys in the same edition —including those for revelation artist, best album and song of the year—, also speaks in the interview about the way in which fame has affected his recent love relationships. “It’s really hard to meet people when they fear you or think you’re out of their league,” she laments during her chat with Stern.

She has not only expressed her concern about the effect of adult cinema on adolescents and its way of distorting the female body, but also about the ongoing crisis of the coronavirus and the effects it has had on her after contracting it at the beginning of the year. . She has firmly stated that being vaccinated “saved her life”. “The vaccine is amazing and it also saved [su hermano y colaborador musical] Finneas to get it. He saved my parents and my friends from having it”, he declares, expressing his full support for the drug. The young woman suffered the effects of contracting the virus for two months, when she, as she reveals, had a “very bad time”. “I want it to be clear that the reason I’m fine is the vaccine,” she stresses.

The singer, who aspires to win a Grammy again in her future edition of 2022, continues to suffer some of the consequences of her illness, but hopes to be fully recovered by the beginning of next year. For this reason, she calls on her admirers to get vaccinated, something that she already commented on at the beginning of the month in an interview with the magazine Vanity Fair in which he expressed concern about the rise in infected cases in the United States.

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Billie Eilish confesses that she was addicted to pornography at age 11: “It destroyed my brain”

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