Berga finally suspends all the Patum concerts this Saturday

The judge’s decision to ban at the last minute the holding of concerts in the Plaza del Cim d’Estela has triggered the suspension of all the concerts planned for this Saturday at the Patum of Berga (Bergueda). As the Municipal Council lamented today, despite the hopes of being able to transfer the prohibited concerts to the Cinema Catalunya, the decision has been made “due to the impossibility of being able to carry out the performances with the optimal conditions of space and logistics“, As they have indicated in a tweet. The limitations of this popular festival have become increasingly stronger as the week has progressed. On Thursday, the municipality’s council moved the scheduled performances so that they ended rather, at the one in the morningcomplying with the precautionary measures established just one day before the start of the celebrations as a result of noise complaints by a Residence of the elderly. The judge also ordered that sound levels could not exceed 80 decibels, a figure that the mayor of Berga has already warned was unrealistic. Yesterday, Friday, the Barcelona judge issued a new sentence that completely annulled all the concerts planned for Friday and Saturday in the barracks of the Cim d’Estela square. The City Council and entities coordinated in extremis to move the performances to the Cinema Catalunya, a venue for the Castellers de Berga, but it seems that this alternative will not be possible for today’s event.

no barracks

The Barracks of the Patum are finally left suspended after a week of limitations dictated by a judge. The amount of changes necessary to last to fit the activities in the non-prohibited spaces have been impossible. After agreeing with the entities, the town hall has chosen not to hold the performances in the premises of the casteller group, since the optimal conditions of space and security cannot be guaranteed and, at the same time, not comply with the judicial resolution that prohibits performances in the Cim d’Estela square. The tour of street parade makes the two activities incompatible, as assured by the councilor of Patum, Roser Valverde, in statements collected by the ACN. “With the little margin of time and the tools that we had, we have done everything that was in our hands”, she has defended. Now, the city council works to reschedule the concerts later.

concerts canceled

The concerts planned for this Saturday were those of the groups Pirat’s Sound System, Sense Sal, Gertrudis, Brams and PD Toni Malé. According to the consistory, the musical formations have understood the situation and will try to find new dates for these performances. The councilor of Patum has reiterated the “surprise” at the situation triggered by the precautionary measures requested by the residence for the elderly Berga Residenciales. On the other hand, she has thanked the work done by entities, technicians and workers of the City Council to adapt to the new context. However, the mayor of the municipality, Ivan Sànchez, already considered this Thursday that the judicial resolution opens a door “a little dangerous, not for Berga, but for any population of Catalonia” when celebrating their local festivals.

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Berga finally suspends all the Patum concerts this Saturday

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