Benson Boone, the new American idol

Curiosity and melancholy mix in the gaze of Benson-Boone when he presented his songs live for the first time in Spain before the large group of music journalists who crowded around the stage of The Music Station Pay attention to our reactions. About to turn 20, the sensation of pain that some of his lyrics convey is surprising. He even jokes about it, “This song is a bit sad too, sorry.”

But life and music have led him there. The loss of his grandmother a few years ago inspired him in the stars and the toxic relationship of one of his best friends served to ghost-town (“Before I turn your heart into a ghost town/show me everything we built so I can tear it all down“). With his incredible vocal register, he caresses every word that comes out before the microphone, convincing those present, invited by Warner Musicthat we are facing a new American idol.

Now he is experiencing other sensations that are also inspiring. He begins to touch success with his fingers, performing in countries that he steps on for the first time, working hard and resting little: “It seemed like I fell asleep when I was singing when I closed my eyes, but I haven’t slept at all tonight after the show in London”. Sins of youth and a dedication to the maximum that are born from the confidence in her songs.

From not to American Idol to his debut

When he probably had all the ingredients to become a winner of the most recognized talent show in the United States (American Idol), Benson Boone decided to prioritize his musical debut. “Before I received some messages from people who claimed to have seen me on the show but lately I receive from people who say they like my music and that is something that I like because it is what I want them to relate to me.”

His audition for the talent show made him known to the general public and made him, a priori, one of the favorites of the casting for the jury. The announcement of his withdrawal from the program surprised many. “It was a very difficult decision” he came to explain on his day on his social networks. “I didn’t really know who I wanted to be as an artist back then and I didn’t want to show the world someone I’m not.”

Something logical if we take into account the words that means like Billboard either Variety have dedicated to him: “Ghost Town is an impressive debut, it is certainly the beginning of a promising career” and “Benson Boone has everything to be the new sensation of global pop”.

Their figures support that feeling. This almost twenty-something triumphs on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok with his different musical proposals: Ghost town, In the stars, Room for 2… “I write a lot of sad songs about different experiences that I’ve had but I met this girl who is unlike any I’ve ever met and who made me feel like I’d do anything for her. Room for 2 is basically a performance about this girl”.

All of them, the ‘tristes’ as he assures us and the odes to love as his most recent single, seem to be part of his first record project, an EP whose title is currently unknown and which will be released next July. if everything goes according to plan. For now he already has a gold record in his possession thanks to Ghost town and in July he will have his first EP under his arm with his first 5 songs.

His room for improvement and evolution is total and his bases are the envy of many artists: he sings, composes and plays multiple instruments (19 years old, let’s remember) such as guitar, piano or drums. And as godfather, neither more nor less than Dan Reynolds, frontman of Imagine Dragons.

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Benson Boone, the new American idol

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