Barely Recognizable Tom Holland: This New Look We Please Ignore at Zendaya

Tom Holland is almost unrecognizable! For the filming of the series “The Crowded Room”, the ator adopted a look that changes him completely and not sure that his darling Zendaya appreciates …

But what happened to Tom Holland? On the set of the series “The Crowded Room”, the actor displayed himself in a new look to the point of being almost unrecognizable. Long wavy hair, very black and a little greasy, he has adopted a look that ages him enormously and makes him a little hasbeen. With a black and gray polo shirt, jeans that are a little too big and brown dress shoes, the interpreter of Spiderman totally strays from its superhero look. Also far from him the sexy and adventurous image he gives off in the film Uncharted.

Note that it was in the streets of New York, on Monday May 9, 2022 that the 25-year-old young man was photographed alongside actor Levon Thurman Hawke, son of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. On the other hand, if he has made a real physical transformation, we do not know at all what his partner Zendaya thinks. Follower of film sets and roles, she must be used to metamorphoses. And then don’t we say that love always triumphs? So the changes don’t matter, as long as love shines under the stars.

Tom Holland as a rapist

In this new project with AppleTV+, Tom Holland’s look fits his character perfectly. He indeed camps Billy Milligan, a man suffering from dissociative identity disorder, otherwise known as “TDI“. After committing a series of rapes and robberies in the 1970s, the latter was found not responsible. A first in the history of American justice. After several examinations, it was concluded that he possessed more than twenty different personalities, as Olympusa well-known public figure in France.


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Barely Recognizable Tom Holland: This New Look We Please Ignore at Zendaya

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