Balearic Islands, where spending on health concerts rises the most in a decade

This spending increased in seven communities in the 2010-2020 period, with the largest increase in BalearicsMadrid, Asturias, Catalonia and Navarra.

The percentage of public health spending dedicated to concerts it was 9.2% in the Balearic Islands in 2020, above the national average of 8.4% and only below Catalonia, where it reached 23.6%.

spending on specialized care has increased by 26% in a decade in Balearicsgoing from 928.3 euros in 2010 to 1,248.19 euros in 2020, a figure that is above the national average in that year, which was 1,138.45 euros.

The total linked staff in Specialized Care for every 1,000 inhabitants, it has gone from 12.88 in the Balearic Islands in 2010 to 14.24 in 2020; when the national average has gone from 11.43 to 13.15.

In Balearics there were 955.45 interventions per operating room in 2020, when the national average was 925.29. On the islands, 9,432 deliveries were attended, 21.8% by caesarean section (in 2010 it was 23.7%).

The percentage dedicated to specialized care services in Balearicswithin all health spending, was 66.8%, which is 7.5 points more than a decade earlier.

Balearics it had 4,060 beds installed in 2020, of which 3,418 were in operation.

The report states that in Balearics both the number of public and private beds available increased in the analyzed period. Public beds have gone from 2,508 in 2010 to 2,647 in 2020, 5.5% more; and the private ones from 1,183 to 1,413, 19.4% more.

The study reveals that in the decade 2010-2020, spending on specialized care increased by 29% on average in all the country.

The expenditure per inhabitant in specialized care it is headed by Navarra with 1,401.3 euros per inhabitant, followed by the Basque Country (1,333.3 euros). Following are the expenditure per inhabitant in Asturias, BalearicsCastilla y León, Aragón, Cantabria and Catalonia, while the lowest expenditure was in Andalusia, with 919.5 euros, according to the report that collects the latest homogeneous data available, which is from 2020 and, in some sections, from 2021 .

The percentage of spending on specialized care over total health spending rose in all regions, up to 69.6% in Madrid, the highest percentage in Spain in 2020, while Extremadura has the lowest (57%).

Spending on specialized care grew national average 11% in that period.

The concerts with private health grew by 13%, going from 572.2 million euros to 902.4 million. Madrid recorded the second largest in Spain, only surpassed by Balearics with 106%, followed by Aragón (29%), Catalonia (28% more), Navarra (21%), Extremadura (12%) and the Basque Country (4% more), while the remaining ten regions reduced their concerts by one decade, being the Valencian Community (-28%), the region with the greatest decrease.

The percentage of health spending dedicated to concerts was 8.48% of the total expenditure in Madrid in 2020, compared to the national average (8.46%), and in third national position, only surpassed by Catalonia (23.6%) and Balearic Islands (9.2%). Castilla y León is the region that allocates the least to concerts, 2.73% of public health spending.

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Balearic Islands, where spending on health concerts rises the most in a decade

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