Bacilos confessed about their separations, upcoming concerts in Colombia and future projects

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bacilli is one of the most recognized musical groups in the American continent, because with more than 15 years of activity and five studio albums, they have managed to write a golden history thanks to hits like ‘Tabaco y chanel’, ‘Caraluna’ and ‘Mi primer milion ‘.

It all started in 1997 when Jorge Villamizar (Colombia), Joseph Xavier Freire (Puerto Rican) and Andre Lopes (Brazil), decided to form a band to play in the city of Miami (United States), where the bars were their first stages and they began to write what, unexpectedly, would become a great story.

“We were a local band and we wanted to fill a couple of places there, at least that was the idea. And although it seemed very difficult, from the perspective of a band in North America, it was possible to connect with the Latin American public. In addition, it is key to keep in mind that it was a time when the radio was divided between merengue, salsa and ballads, and all the artists were handsome, as if through a pop filter. However, from one moment to another, all that changed and things began to happen, “Villamizar said in an interview with Infobae Colombia.

So then, these young people were filled with hope and they ventured to sign a first contract that was not at all beneficialas it forced them to move away from the stage and take a short break, even when they continued to play in some places in the Florida capital.

Cover of the first Bacilos album | Image: file
Cover of the first Bacilos album | Image: file

However, the members of Bacilos managed to dispense with that contract, “after a lot of effort, energy and a little money”, and recorded their first album independently, which included ‘tobacco and chanel‘, ‘the same as me‘ Y ‘there goes the wood‘.

Such was the popularity of this debut album that Warner Music Groupone of the most important record companies in the world, offered them a new contract with which began what their own fans have called “the golden age”.

“It was very funny and, at the same time, intense. There was a lot of work, but also parties, disorder and a lot of desire to live the rock star’s dream, because the philosophy of that time was very different from that of now. Artists today are people who are inspired, focused and aware of their mental health issues; while we were the generation of those who celebrated self-destruction and went to the limit, “added Jorge Villamizar in his talk with Infobae.

It was then when, after releasing two other albums (‘Caraluna’ and ‘Sinverguenza’), physical and emotional exhaustion “took its toll” and made them feel saturated. Reason for which, for the year 2007, the members of Bacilos informed the public opinion that they had made the decision to separate and this, without a doubt, was a hard blow for their followers.

“It has a lot to do with that, with those years of success, rumba and travel. In addition, we thought that there were many things to do in our personal lives, but I think that if, suddenly, we had taken everything more slowly and calmly, our vacations would have been shorter, “André Lopes explained to this medium.

Ten years later and full of great enthusiasm, the musicians met again and announced their return, also motivated because they realized that their songs were still anthems at events and stations. In this way, two other records were published: ‘Where do we stay?‘ (2018) and ‘Alphabet‘ (2021).

'Where do we stay?', Bacilos' fourth album | Image: file
‘Where do we stay?’, Bacilos’ fourth album | Image: file

However, at the beginning of 2022 another important chapter was written in the history of Bacilos, as the percussionist José Javier Freire left the project and embarked on a new path away from his two friends and colleagues, for reasons that were revealed to Infobae Colombia in this interview.

“People change and it is very normal that, after almost 30 years that we have been together, they grow in different directions and the vision of what they want changes, so agreeing with people already becomes difficult. And beyond friendship, you reach a point where there is no common area or vision, then you have to decide things, because if you are not having a good time, why be in that place? that was a bit what happened to him, ”said Jorge Villamizar.

Photo: Instagram @bacilos
Photo: Instagram @bacilos

Even with the absence and the gap left by the Puerto Rican musician, Villamizar and Lopes continued with the project and, in addition to collaborating with several artists for what will be their next album, prepare to return to Colombia and play before their audience in Bogotá (November 4) and Medellín (November 5)since they were invited to the ‘Good vibe tour’, where they will also be Diego Torres Y Alexander Lerner.

It should be remembered that the ticket office for the event in the Colombian capital can be purchased through your ticketwhile in the capital of Antioquia it can be done through the ticket holder.

Is it true that ‘Caraluna’ was written for a deceased ex-partner?

“It’s very nice that people invent things and myths arise around one’s songs, although myths often have to do with reality; I mean, something did happen, but not with a wife, yes there is a story behind deaths, drowning and strange things from a time not too far from that, maybe that’s where it comes from (…) I was part of a terrible water accident, yes, but how this song became that is very interesting, especially when you listen to the lyrics from that perspective, because it becomes much bigger, and who knows? Suddenly it does have to do with something that happened, because something did happen, but thank God neither of my two ex-wives drowned, they are alive and well“, expressed Jorge Villamizar, composer and performer of the song.

band’s favorite song

“’Because we shine’ is a very special song for us and I think André won’t let me lie”, said the group’s vocalist.

Least favorite song:

“There is a song whose idea seemed incredible, it’s called ‘Más tú’, and although it had great potential, during the recording it was like making a cake and each ingredient that we put on it was wrong with the flavor, so we ended up burning it in the oven. Something happened with this song because we loved the idea, but the end result didn’t work,” said the Brazilian guitarist.

Photo: Instagram @bacilos
Photo: Instagram @bacilos

Concert they fondly remember

“A very special day was at the El Campín stadium in Bogotá, in 2001, when we opened a show for Alejandro Sanz and played ‘Tabaco y Chanel’ live for the first time,” said André Lopes.

Least Liked Presentation

“I remember a show I did without Bacilos, after the separation, in which I tried to set up a lot of super complicated electronic equipment and the musicians I hired hit the Bogota rumba and couldn’t even walk. Such a chaos arose for me that I ended up playing guitar, the complete opposite of what I wanted to present”, added Villamizar.


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Bacilos confessed about their separations, upcoming concerts in Colombia and future projects

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