Avenel: the ETI that works to install and manage sustainable electricity consumption

To achieve the objective of climate neutrality defined by the Paris Agreements by 2050, it is necessary to turn today to two sectors that emit a lot of carbon: energy and mobility. In this sense, Avenel has just launched its new brand, Avenel Green, dedicated to the installation of electric charging stations and photovoltaic parks, and more generally, to energy management and solutions for Smart City. , in order to promote a reasoned energy and a soft mobility.

An ETI specialized in field operations and innovation

Founded in 1944, Avenel is a company with a family DNA that places the well-being of its employees at the center of its activities. It supports its clients, businesses and individuals, in their various building, infrastructure, industrial and innovation works. Located in Arras, Rouen, Caen, Condé sur Noireau, Rennes, Poissy, Paris and Montauban, its teams are able to respond to all requests in France and Europe. In addition, Avenel offers a complete and tailor-made offer to its customers, with turnkey solutions ranging from diagnosis to project implementation.

A strong environmental and societal commitment

Avenel has been part of a sustainable development approach for many years, with the desire to constantly seek solutions for the future. The company is committed to sharing its family values ​​- humanism, close relationships and the desire to improve the world – with its employees. In addition, Avenel has many labels, qualifications and certifications, such as ISO Quality Safety Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

To meet the challenges of our time, Avenel started from an observation: according to a study by the International Energy Agency, the production of electricity and transport accounted respectively for 12% and 41% of CO2 emissions due to the combustion of energy in France in 2018. Thus, the company wished to act on these two sectors by exercising its know-how in the field of energy.

The launch of its new brand Avenel Green

Specialized in the installation and supervision of electric charging stations and photovoltaic panels but also in the management of energy consumption, and solutions for Smart City, Avenel Green aims to support and facilitate the environmental transition and to make energy consumption sustainable.

Indeed, the ETI proposes to study, design and install photovoltaic systems on tertiary buildings, public and industrial buildings with powers up to 250Kwc.

These panels, which run on solar energy, a renewable and local source by definition, make us independent of market price fluctuations, thanks to self-consumption, and therefore reduce our energy bills by producing carbon-free electricity. Avenel operates mainly in Normandy with local branches in Rouen and Caen.

On the other hand, Avenel Green also carries out the installation and supervision of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the national territory. With more than 75 years of experience in the field of energy, the company has become an expert in supporting professionals, public bodies and individuals towards soft mobility. With a production ranging from 3.7 Kw alternating (AC) to 200 Kw continuous (DC), its electrical installations are adapted to all needs.

Finally, the company also offers solutions for Smart Cities such as lowering the power of city lighting.

With this new brand, Avenel is positioning itself as a major player in the installation and management of reasoned energy.

Avenel Green, solutions for Smart Cities Avenel

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Avenel: the ETI that works to install and manage sustainable electricity consumption

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