Ava Max, the aspiring queen of world pop who has conquered Maroon 5 and who is inspired by Lady Gaga

Ava Max She is one of those artists who, with just one song, achieves success. She started her musical career many years ago and, with her iconic and incomparable style, she became number 1 on the music charts thanks to ‘Sweet But Psycho’, a song with which you inevitably feel identified. And, specifically, it speaks of a previous moment, of the conquest. A few days ago we learned that the artist from Wisconsin will be the opening act for Maroon 5 on their next toura very surprising news and applauded by the musical world.

“Excited to announce @avamax will be joining us and @bear on our four stadium shows this summer!” -Delighted to announce that @avamax will be joining us and @bear for all four of our stadium shows this summer!- And it is that Ava Max could not contain the emotion of sharing the stage with the band led by Adam Levineand on his Instagram account he confessed the illusion that makes her open for the tour ‘M52021TOUR’from Maroon 5: “I’m so excited to finally announce I’ll be opening for @maroon5 in Chicago, Hershey, Boston and LA. See you there !!” [Estoy muy emocionadA de anunciar finalmente que abriré para @ maroon5 en Chicago, Hershey, Boston y Los Ángeles]. A tour that will undoubtedly have many more surprises.

His roots and inspirations

Amanda Ava Koci is the real name of Ava Max, a debutant American singer and daughter of Albanian immigrants who was born in Wisconsin on February 16, 1994.. Although Wisconsin is his birthplace, she is raised in Virginia, where she unleashes his artistic gifts. From a very young age she began to perfect her voice and her presence on stage, always guided by her mother, an opera singer.

Once he finished his studies, he moved to Los Angeles to start his career in the world of music. The opportunity for this artist with long blonde hair, similar to that of Lady Gaga or Dua Pipa, comes when she signs a contract with the important label Atlantic Recordslabel with which he releases his first single My Way (2018).

That same year 2018, after his debut, comes his second single, Slippin (2018), in collaboration with Gashi. But, as the saying goes, third time’s the charm. Although she tried with the previous two songs, shis great success comes, without a doubt, with the publication of his single Sweet but psychoa song with which it occupies the top positions in the music charts around the world and which accumulates 300 million views on YouTube.

The success of the American makes other artists like Jason Derulo or David Guetta interested in collaborating with the singer. From these collaborations is born Make Up, a duo with Derulo, and Let It Be Me, together with DJ Guetta.

The future queen of world pop

Many consider her ‘the new queen of pop’ and it’s no wonder. Ava Max drinks from artists who are or have been at the top of music pop and, as we anticipated, it is not surprising that many of them want their voice to make a collaboration.

However, there is a feature of the artist that does not go unnoticed and that is her great resemblance to the current queen of pop-rock, Lady Gaga. This resemblance is not only with respect to her musical style, but also in the attitude and claw both externally and in Ava’s voice. Both Lady and Max drink from the same source of inspiration and are part of this group of women who came to the stage to claim the female figure such as Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé or Madonna, among others..

Ava Max assures that her first album will be a revolutionary moment and there is very little left

As for the physical resemblance, the comparison is undeniable and inevitable, not only because of her long blonde hair, but also in the style when it comes to dressing.betting on garments that do not go unnoticed and that create trends both outside and inside concerts.

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At the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards gala, superheroines were not lacking, with Ava Max as the undisputed leader. The singer chose a tailored suit with very characteristic colors, such as blue, white or red. The artist made reference to her new song, “Turn” with this look.

Opening act of honor with Maroon 5

This year is very special for Maroon 5. The band, winner of several Grammy awards and respected worldwide, returned to music last June with a long-awaited and surprising album: ‘Jordi’. We’ve had to wait more than four years for the band to get back together and release an album that includes songs like ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ or ‘Memories’.

A return as special as that of brown 5he deserved an awesome tourwhich will start shortly. Even though they have an incredible fandom globally, the band will only visit the main stadiums in the United States. And, among the large number of scheduled appointments, there are four concerts that will be very special.

For our surprise, Maroon 5 has announced that this tour will feature the presence of Ava Max and Blackbear.

Ava Max is unstoppable. From her mythical songs, the collaboration with Pablo Alborán, her album ‘Heaven and Hell’ (2020), opening for Maroon 5, etc. until the last song that ‘EveryTime I Cry’ has given usa single where the singer “I wanted to tell a story that would make the viewer see me turn weakness into strength“, has confessed on occasion. Ava Max It makes us get excited again and dance like no one else in this impressive song that has a video clip that you can’t miss.

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Ava Max, the aspiring queen of world pop who has conquered Maroon 5 and who is inspired by Lady Gaga

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