ATR band, the sound aces of Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso | The quartet of young musicians unites urban music with funk, gospel and nü metal

Just as Ca7riel emphasized that he shares his musical project with Paco Amoroso, with that same impetus the great figure of the current Argentine music scene gave prominence to the group that usually accompanies them at their shows: the ATR band. A quartet that, in addition to exuding virtuosity, sophistication and youth, consolidated a sound identity that was evident in the three recitals they performed in August at the Niceto Club. “Ten years ago we knew each other from the environment with Ca7riel, and he then introduced us to Paquito, who at that first time came to do the song Piola , that means that we were putting it together in various formations”, explains keyboardist Axel Introini. “It was a relationship of many bands together that led to this one.”

Bass player Julián Montes adds: “Cato was trying out different formats. And finally, when he called us back together, he told us: ‘This is the year, are you with me or what?’ Although there is no doubt who was the musical architect of this phenomenon, gradually the sound of the records blended in with that of the performance. “He does everything by himself. He drinks some mates, and then we work on the themes in the room”, reveals Introni. And Montes completes: “We make the live adaptation, and then Cato gives us the chance to propose our own identities. We are a balance of personalities. And luckily we know each other a lot and we have a lot of ground together”.

Despite the fact that in his recitals Ca7riel warns that the beginning of Terrible Kiko “can go wrong”, because it reproduces a complex stretch of The fat of the capitalsby Serú Girán (which was sampled for the EP POVRE), so far the band proved otherwise. “We touch everything. Live we proposed that it was better not to use tracks because we always bank it”, says Axel, also keyboardist for Dante Spinetta and Vicentico. “We screwed up playing in a lot of small places with little sound, we tanned it from very low down.“

In addition to paying tribute to Argentine rock, the binomial’s shows with the ATR band are an ode to groove. “There is a very strong respect for the influences we have, international jazz, soul and funk musicians,” notes Julián, who is also a bass player for Marilina Bertoldi and the group Picado Grosso. “The challenge is to give richness to urban genres and be able to unite that world with gospel, reggaeton or nu metal.”

Drummer Mariano “Yuye” Domínguez elaborates: “The groove is very important when improvising. We know each other so well that we can do it respecting small rules. It’s good that Cato and Paco give us that freedom. The song is always going to be armed, and we know where we stand, also understanding the dance and the dynamics. At some point, Ca7riel played the viola as a session player in Asia de Cuba and in Faena, together with us, and when we started doing trap, that soul and gospel information connected with that of now. And with Fran we ended up conquering everything”.

Yuye, who plays in parallel with Chita, refers to drummer Fran Alduncin, who, although not from the ATR band, does make up the same artistic group. Although as a member of the MAL FLA TRVP SET, the trio for live shows carried out by Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso. “Both parts were shown at Niceto”, evokes the musician, who performed with the duo at the last edition of the Catalan festival Sónar. “This would come to replace the soundystem, but with me pulling the tracks from the octapad. This format is for smaller venues.

Despite the fact that Cato is one of the best guitarists of this time, which he has been patenting as a member of the group that accompanies Wos, in his recitals he rarely draws the red viola that his father left him. “The worlds that are generated, the climates or that musical ecosystem is so full that even with a viola, no matter how many effects and pedals it has, you cannot fully emulate it,” Montes justifies. While Intrioni adds: “When Cato picks up the guitar, the band transforms into something else. It is like another organ of the body.

Beyond recognizing themselves as “some nerds who practice difficult things”, the reality is that these musicians, whose circle is also closed by keyboardist Dogui Rodríguez, shook off the stereotypes of rock and urban music by studying and rehearsing in a disciplined way. “There is a phrase from Miles Davis that is deadly: ‘knowledge and freedom,’” shares the bassist. “We have a paraphernalia that luckily we can defend. That wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t make an effort.“

Although they recognize that the success they are enjoying with Cato and Paco is abrupt, as much as it allowed them to show themselves, they are already thinking of giving the ATR band a life of its own. “We all played together a year ago and in this way”, recalls Julián. “The reality is that little by little it is taking shape, and it is already in our minds to capture it.“

* The ATR band will play with Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso on 11/15 at the La Nueva Generación Festival, in Córdoba, and on 11/30 at the Buenos Aires Trap.

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ATR band, the sound aces of Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso | The quartet of young musicians unites urban music with funk, gospel and nü metal

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