At what time and where to see the third concert of La Academia?

The Academy: 20 years It is not being easy for the students. After that in the previous and the first concert there was controversy between courteous lolita and the quinceañera Ruby Ibarranow the eliminations and disagreements continue.

On Tuesday Horace Villalobos unveiled in come the joy that this week not only would Sunday be elimination, but on Saturday someone would also stop being part of the current generation. The reason was the behavior of the students.

Horacio Villalobos, Arturo López Gavito, Ana Bárbara and Lolita Cortés are the judges for this edition of the production. In the first show the comments were soft and sobering at certain moments, but the same did not happen in the second presentation.

who have left The Academy 2022?

The first concert of reality show It happened on Sunday June 12 and it was defined that one of the young performers who went on stage could not even enter the house of studies.

In total, 16 applicants from five countries performed at the first concert of The Academy: 20 years. The jury was the one that made the decision of which young man would have to take her bags. They decided that the first eliminated was Roberto Poot, from Quintana Roo.

With the first Saturday also came what happened to be the first elimination within the house. Esmeralda could no longer continue in the program as she did not have enough votes to continue.

Together with Rubí and Mar, he was part of the trio that gave the most moving show of the night. The interpretation of Kiss Me a lot It was applauded by all the critics and even Arturo López Gavito said that he saw progress in all of them.

Alexander Acha fights with Lolita Cortés live

alexander ach Y courteous lolita They gave the most important moment this Saturday after the temperature rose and they both argued during the live of The Academy: 20 years.

The judge questioned the presentation given by Cesia and Andrés de Lives, Kabah theme. She questioned her tone about the singer and that she was losing her breath and she didn’t even know how to dance; of the young man she also criticized the way of dancing.

“We are starting because it is a song that was given to kabahthat the only talented one has been Maria Jose (…) I thought that the worst thing about you was the clothing, no, it was your interpretation, I realized that none of you dance and then, you first my dearest AndrewI really thought that the worst thing is that you did not dance, you were nailed to the floor, but when you started to march I said, no, the worst thing is that it moves, I prefer that it go away, “he said Lolita Cortes.

Given these comments, the director of La Academia came out in defense of young people and questioned the star of musicals in Mexico. “I do not agree with the unrealistic demand and expectation that they are setting. It surprises me that with your experience, Lolita, you set an expectation that is impossible, ”Alexander Acha began his intervention.

She added that in each young person there is growth, but that she is asking for her second presentation to be something perfect, when that is impossible. “You know perfectly well. So let’s stop putting on a show for a bit and tell them what they did do right,” she added.

The singer also recalled that last week they made very harsh comments to both of them and even shouted a lot, something that they improved by modulating their tones.

One of the moments that also caused discomfort with Lolita Cortés was when Alexander Acha praised Ana Bárbara for the comments she made.

“How do you see, Ana Bárbara, that you, the grupera queen, an artist who sings, in force today; fills places, that releases songs and has hits; it speaks from the point of view of someone who sings and who understands what is happening and that this is gradual, ”she said, provoking a few words of annoyance from Lolita.

The judge did not sit idly by, as she responded to the director of The Academy through statistical calculations.

“Sir, I’m going to tell you something, forgive me, with the years of experience I have, mathematically clear that it canthey can come to spoil it because they didn’t dance, cesia She did not sing better, of course not, she was drowning, that’s sorry, that’s acting and she can’t go on stage like that, “he began.

He recalled that the young people had been practicing for a week and that they had many hours to do a good job, especially since the song lasted three minutes in total, that is, a minute and a half for each one.

“If they are going to put a song like that on them, I am serious and I told you as director, be careful, because I am going on top of it, I can put on a musical with two general rehearsals, it is clear to them, it is clear to them, it is of you if you want to have a career or not, not with hugs or cuddles, ”the judge concluded her intervention.

Where and when to see The Academy: 20 years?

The generation of The Academy: 20 years It has concerts on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 p.m. The broadcasts are through the Azteca Uno channel.

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At what time and where to see the third concert of La Academia?

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