At 96, she works three days a week in the store she opened 40 years earlier

In England, Irène Astbury is a woman who continues to work in her pet shop which she opened in 1981. Aged 96, she works to have “a goal in life”.

While some people are happy to be retired, others don’t know how to take care of themselves and feel like their life has no meaning without their job.

This is the case of a woman who lives in England and who has been retired for a long time, because Irène Astbury is 96 years old.

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At her age, the old lady decided to continue working three days a week. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, she was still working full time five days a week, before deciding to gradually reduce her working hours. Even though she is old, Irène does not want to stop her activity.

“It’s better than sitting at home mopingexplained Irene. And I can keep an eye on the younger ones. I can still be on my feet, and that’s all that matters. I have no intention of quitting, I don’t want to sit at home. I won’t leave until they tell me to leave. »

She has worked in a pet store for 40 years

Irène started working in 1981, when she opened her pet store named Pet Food Supplied Ltd with her husband. After the latter’s death, Irene remained active in the business. Now 96, she continues to work another 25.5 hours a week over her three working days, and the old lady intends to continue working as long as possible.

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In her pet store, Irène works alongside Gayle, her granddaughter. She sets the prices for the items behind the cash register, takes care of the invoices and supervises the other employees of the shop.

“She really likes to come here and get down to it. She would be bored at home. It’s her life, she loves chatting with all the customers. It has served the same families for generations. He’s inspiring, and if my four kids can follow in Grandma’s footsteps, after seeing her work ethic, I think that’s really good.”explained the granddaughter of Irene, admiring.

Loyal customers for 40 years

In her work, Irène rubs shoulders with clients she has known for decades. Over time, a relationship of trust has developed between the manager and her customers, and the old lady does not hesitate to ask about the families of her customers, she knows them so well.

“We have generations of customers who come to see usexplained Gayle. They remember grandma when the store opened, and then she saw their families grow. There have been customers who have been buying from us for 40 years, and now their children or grandchildren are coming. »

Thanks to her perseverance, Irene is the pride of her whole family and perhaps holds the secret of longevity.

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At 96, she works three days a week in the store she opened 40 years earlier

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