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AI-generated music is now part of the cultural landscape, whether we like it or not. Artificial intelligence (AI) can now write lyrics, music and even produce amazing video to go along with sounds. Does this mark the end of the human musician as we know it?

Is artificial intelligence stealing the creative process from human artists? Or is it just a new art form that can appeal to many?

Since the suicide of Kurt Cobain in 1994, his fans have been sorry for the loss of this music that he could have created, and which never could see the light of day.

Today, thanks to a new type of musical AI, the new songs “by” Kurt Coibain become reality. All that is needed is for the fans to transmit the musician’s existing music to a robot. The latter then uses a machine learning process to recognize patterns in his music and, from there, produce a new song based on his original catalog.

Do you think this is a concept from the distant future? Think again. It is already possible, and it has been done.

The new song “by” Nirvana, Drowned in the Sun, has already found its way to YouTube. Both his lyrics and his music were written by an artificial intelligence and only the voice, of a singer from a “tribute band” of Nirvana, was added.

The organization behind the song is a mental health charity called Over The Bridge. She named this project “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club” [Enregistrements perdus du club des 27], in reference to all the famous artists who died at the age of 27. We find there in particular Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, or Jim Morrison.

The AI ​​thus also composed Man I Know“by” Amy Winehouse.

Or The Roads Are Alive “of” the Doors

And You’re Gonna Kill Me “by” Jimi Hendrix

AI music and its future possibilities

These new songs were designed using a program free AI from Googlecalled Magenta.

This raises the question of how artificial intelligence will transform our lives. If we spend a lot of time in the imminent universe of the metaverse, how much of it will be created by robots? From the backgrounds to the stories… and now, to the music, it’s possible that everything is 100% created by AI.

If music is the backdrop to our lives, then the involvement of AI poses a fascinating philosophical question. Is music produced by a robot really music? Is it really about creativity? And if we all start listening to this music, will humans lose their musical skills, since they will no longer be needed?

The new works thus created seem to have infinite potential. For example, Sony used Magenta software to create a new song “by” The Beatles.

The pros and cons of AI-designed music

There are two camps in this debate. Many say that music created by an artificial intelligence simply cannot sustain a creative process like humans do. It’s the simple fact of being human and having a human experience that gives music its quality.

On the opposite side, the AI ​​can craft a beautiful and neat song much more accurately and quickly than humans. So, is AI creative? Is it superior? Is she beautiful? Does she know how to create moving music? Is it art?

And classical music? Because yes, there are too. An AI called AIVA can indeed create entirely new and unique classic songs. And, incidentally, breathtakingly beautiful.

There is no escaping it; people love this new type of creative process. For example, a TikTok influencer called Louyah streamed music from Post Malone and The Kid LAROI to an AI music bot. He said of it: “It’s crazy, I don’t know who is behind this technology, but we are on to something.”

The resulting song is also terribly catchy.

Does this ultimately mean that the AI ​​can compose better music than that of its original artists?

And video clips too!

Not only can AI now write songs and lyrics, but it can also generate music videos for those robot-composed tracks. So you have the complete kit; the lyrics, the music and the music video, all without having to play an instrument or write a single word.

A creator called DoodleChaos asked the AI ​​to make a music video for a song called Canvas Rezonate.

Impossible to deny the beauty of this visual interpretation of the song, a real treat for the eyes.

In the end, this new type of music turns out to be surprisingly well designed. However, a human is needed to produce it and sift through failed AI attempts. So I guess we have to accept that this human-AI collaboration will exist in the future. Whether we like it or not, there will be no turning back.


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Artificial intelligence has composed a new hit “by” Nirvana – BeinCrypto

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