Ariana Grande: this rem Beauty dark circles product is a hit on TikTok!

For a while now, a product for dark circles has been a hit on TikTok. And this is none other than a product of Ariana Grande’s brand.

Who said Ariana Grande only knows how to make music? Certainly not makeup enthusiasts and TikTok users. Since the latter have been acclaimed for a few weeks, an artist’s brand product. But what is it?

The star who cracks the fans

However, the singer did not need to launch a cosmetics brand to seduce its fans. In fact, they already adore him enormously. It is enough to see the reaction of some to realize it. And we’re not referring to his songs here.

No, for Ariana Grande, just post a picture of her natural to appeal to his community. Proof of this is with his post on Instagram and TikTok to show his natural side. However, she also took advantage of this publication to make a small ad.

Indeed, the pop star took advantage of his post to reveal a before / after after using a product from his brand rem Beauty. But what fans remembered most was the front of this video. In which the artist appears natural.

And this appearance seems to have been unanimous. As evidenced by the positive comments received under its publication.“Too beautiful my queen. So beautiful with or without makeup”. Some, for example, have indicated, among a multitude of positive responses.

But when she does not publish a video without makeup, Ariana Grande makes his community crack with other videos. Especially when she reveals herself when she was still a child. The artist is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. And her parents must have already suspected her success, she was so cute when she was still little.

Naturally beautiful or childlike, this does not prevent the singer from embarking on projects. And in particular to launch a brand to hide its flaws. Rem Beauty has pointed the tip of his nose and it’s been a hit. Even on the side of Kim Kardashian.

Ariana Grande: this rem Beauty dark circles product is a hit on TikTok!

Ariana Grande is a hit on TikTok with a rem Beauty product

And if some still doubt it, just see the reaction of TikTok users. Notably those followers of make-up and the young star. Because as mentioned above, a product of its brand has been a hit for some time.

In any case, this is what makes it clear our colleagues from Cosmopolitan. The latter indicating that the corrector pot of the brand of Ariana Grande seems very appreciated by the users. His utility ? Conceal dark circles.

But that’s not all. In addition to hiding dark circles, black or purple… It can also hide dark pigmented spots. But it also has other advantages. TikTok users are best placed to talk about it. But the media also gave some information about him.

It can cover the skin very lightly. Or use for full coverage. Available in 60 shades », you can, in fact, hide very white or very black skin. On top of that, makeup fans love that it’s a jar.

On the other hand, with this container, you must use it using a blender as the media points out. To finish, ” thanks to its formula rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid…rem Beauty Sweetener Concealer is perfect for dry skin ».

Do not hesitate any longer, and fall for this miracle product.

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Ariana Grande: this rem Beauty dark circles product is a hit on TikTok!

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