Arana Festival 2022: Pintxopote, concerts, boxing and much more •

Summer is approaching and the different neighborhoods of Vitoria-Gasteiz begin to organize their parties. Between May 24 and June 11, the Arana festivities will take place. The strong weekend will be the one that occupies Friday June 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 with pintxopote, popular food, concerts, boxing and much more.

  • From May 10 to June 7 – Exhibition “Drawing and painting classroom” at BIZAN Arana.
  • From May 17 to June 7 – Exhibition of handicrafts at BIZAN Arana.

Tuesday, May 24

  • 18:00 Theater in Bizan Arana: «The story of the little frog» with the group «We act and dance together». Aimed at children from 4 years. Requires registration. Come with your grandsons and granddaughters!
  • 19:00 Bingo at BIZAN Arana: come with your grandsons and granddaughters.

Thursday, May 26

  • 18:00 Theater at BIZAN Arana: “Remembering old times” with the group “We act and dance together” Directed from 9 years. Free entry until complete seats.

Monday, May 30

  • 19:00 African Dances in collaboration with the Women’s Cultural Association “Djelia Taama Musoo” in the Assembly Hall of the Aranako Civic Center.

Wednesday, June 1

  • 19:00 Poetic and musical recital in homage to Angélica Ibáñez in the Assembly Hall of the Aranako Civic Center.

Friday, June 3

  • 18:00 Free tapa with drink. Glorious Bar (Plaza Vascongadas 4).
  • 18:30 Txupinazo in Plaza San José. Beginning of the Fiestas with the descent of the Txapeldun, fanfarre and big heads. Free popular sausage sponsored by Butchery Garmendia, Butchery Ramiro, and Alcampo Supermarket (C/Arana). Collaborate Txinpartak.
  • 19:00 Clown show for all audiences with the Maite Guevara Company. What a good day! in Plaza San Jose.
  • 19:00 Txakoli-pintxo. Café-Bar Beste Ona Avd. Judizmendi 1.
  • 20:00 family party enlivened by Joselu Anaiak in Herriko Plaza.
  • 20:00 Concert with Txuky Killers. Glorious Bar (Plz Vascongadas 4).
  • 22:00 Concert with Dynky Dau. Glorious Bar (Plaza Vascongadas 4).
  • 23:30 Concert-festival with the Joselu Anaiak group in the Herriko Plaza. Race of sagging pants and rolled-up skirts at the break.

Saturday, June 4

  • 10:30 XXVII Aranako Olympic Wrestling Trophy at the Aranalde Sports Center (Organized by the Aranako Wrestling Club).
  • 11:30 Practical session: “Online choreographies for all ages” in the Arana park organized by the BIZAN Arana Health Commission.
  • 12:00 II Exhibition of American cars at C/Andalucía 20-26, 13-25 organized by the Bar Junquera.
  • 12:30 Dantza Topaketa in the Herriko Plaza by the Ezkibel Cultural Association, Civic Centers and the Bizan Arana Dance Group.
  • 13:00 Music with The Sakamantekas. Glorious Bar (Plaza Vascongadas 4).
  • 13:00 Vermouth Gilda at Café-Bar Beste Ona avd. Judgemendi 1.
  • 13:00 Cool Reggae Rock!!! Josemi Vega at the Mirlo Blanco Bar (c/Arana 39).
  • 13:00 Pintxo Pote in the Txosnas. (Commission, TL Azterlariak and Txinpartak) Blood sausage skewer at the Festival Commission sponsored by Ramiro Carnicería and carried out by the Anaiak Gastronomic Society.
  • 15:00 Popular Food at Plaza San José (Prior registration) From 4:00 pm we will have entertainment throughout the neighborhood enlivened by the Squad of Blouses and Neskas “Los Alegríos” with Party Carro de Primo Bayo.
  • 18:00 Children’s games and workshops carried out by Aranako Eskaut Taldea and the CPN Azterlariak Free Time Group at the Ignacio Aldecoa Old School.
  • 19:00 Tortilla Festival. Café-Bar Beste Ona avd. Judgemendi 1.
  • 19:30 Directed dances with Live music, Prakids Children’s Animations for all ages at the Ignacio Aldecoa Old School. At the end distribution of treats for all participants in the games.
  • 21:00 Parade through the neighborhood with the Association Teantro.
  • 22:30 Great concert with No Konforme, Kaos Urbano and DJ Loro at the Herriko Plaza.

Sunday, June 5

  • 11:00-14:00 Open day of the Gamaker association. GaMaker, Gasteiz Makers, is a non-profit association that has recently moved its headquarters to the Arana neighborhood and we want to meet you. Our goal is to be curious, setting up technological and craft projects from the perspective of “do it yourself” and scientific dissemination, promoting the reuse and repair of materials to extend their life cycle. Come and see the different txokos that we have set up for this event: 3D printers, home automation and much more. Extremadura Street No. 4.
  • 12:00-4:00 p.m.: Pintxo Day at Bar Junquera (C/ Andalucía, 19).
  • 12:00 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exhibition. In charge of the Sports Club Hecmat. Organize Yuri Martin’s. Sponsors Gymnasios V&M, SC in the Herriko Plaza.
  • 12:30 Olympic Taekwondo by the Taekwondo Baza Sport Sports Club. Organizes: Professor Iván Baza. Sponsor: Gymnasios V&M S. C in the Herriko Plaza.
  • 13:00 Vermouth Gilda. Cafe-Bar Beste Ona. Judizmendi Avenue 1.
  • 13:00 Olympic boxing. By V&M Boxing Club. Organizes: Trainers Emilio Marín Varela and Ángel Gabarri Vázquez. Sponsors Gymnasios V&M S. C in the Herriko Plaza At the end, medals and diplomas will be awarded to all competitors. Courtesy of and Gymnasios V&M.
  • 13:00 Municipal Band in Plaza San José.
  • 14:30 Paella plate (Donation €3). TL CPN Azterlariak collaborates in the Plaza de las txosnas.
  • 18:00-20:00 Music with the Charisma Orchestra at the Ignacio Aldecoa Old School. Organized by BIZAN Arana.
  • 19:00 Chocolate. Sponsored by the Alcampo Supermarket (C/Arana) and collaborates with BIZAN Arana in the Herriko plaza.
  • 20:00 Musical performance with Noites de Rock and Meigas in the Herriko plaza.
  • 22:15 End of party with farewell Aurresku and special TRIBUTE. Rise of Txapeldun and Pyromusical show by Pirotecnia Valecea in Plaza San José.

Monday, June 6

  • Barracks at popular prices at the fairgrounds.

Wednesday, June 8

  • 19:00 VI Walk of ‘Nordic Walking’: Arana-Return to the Salburua-Arana wetland. Departure from Plaza San José. Free activity. TLCPN collaborates with Azterlariak and HAURTXOA Bookstore (Avda. Judimendi 24).

Saturday, June 11

  • 15:45 to 18:00 VII Mixed Pool of Padel of Fiestas de Arana. Place: CD Pádel Norte. Price: €15 (Limited places). Payment upon registration Registration: from May 23 at the Padel Norte reception (Alto de Armentia 24). There will be a raffle for gifts among the participants donated by: Garmendia Butcher Shop, Ipar Motor Workshop, Cestas Ubide, Cober Appliances, Judizmendi Baths, Kirika Café-Restaurant, Qbosq Gastrobar and CD Padél Norte. At the end of LUNCH courtesy of Café-Restaurant Kirika, Bar Glorioso, Garmendia Butcher Shop and Arana Festival Commission.

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Arana Festival 2022: Pintxopote, concerts, boxing and much more •

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