Apple ranking in the United States: top 10 of the most listened to songs of this day

Music industry companies and artists They have found an alternative on streaming platforms for the songs to reach more people and more countries, a good example of this has been Apple, which has taken advantage and is already positioned as one of the favorite ways to use by the American public.

However, given a wide musical catalog that characterizes the new millennium, it is easy to miss the latest news or the most listened to songs of the moment, which is why Apple offers your list of topics that are currently conquering your users.

We leave you the list below:

one. kill bill

2. Rich Flex

Rich Flex by Drake and 21 Savage has made a place for itself among the favorites of the moment. Therefore, he remains in the second position.

3. creepin

If we talk about the darlings of the public, we must mention Metro Boomin, The Weeknd and 21 Savage. Maybe this is why creepin debuts in the ranking directly in the third position.

Four. Superhero (Heroes & Villains)

5. snooze

6. love language

love language opens today in this ranking. The success of SZA is giving a lot to talk about. Catchy, perfect and with a lot of potential… What more can you ask for in a song?

7. Blind

8. Nobody Gets Me

SZA’s most recent single is already looming as a new classic. Nobody Gets Me Enter today with a firm step to the list of most listened to songs on this streaming platform.

9. baby gimme

10. low

The one that was a huge hit by SZA is losing places in the list of the most listened to songs. Today it is placed in tenth place, as opposed to the last count, where it was in 9.

*Some descriptions may not be available because they are not provided by the platform.

Apple in streaming

With its audio and video services, Apple is also looking to dominate the streaming war. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

apple inc. is an American company that produces electronic equipment, software, and also provides audio and video services through its various streaming platforms.

It is a company that has been considered for several years as one of the most striking and valuable in the world. According to The Wall Street Journalin August 2018 Apple became the first form to achieve a capitalization above 2 trillion dollars.

According to the report for the fourth quarter of 2022, the company had annual revenues of $394.3 billion, an increase of 8% in a year-over-year comparison.

Among its programs stands out Apple Musicwhich has the function of allowing its users to access music and podcasts.

Spotify and Apple seek to lead the music streaming and podcast market. (Infobae / Anayeli Tapia)

Through its service, users of “la manzanita” can access more than 45 million songs, more than 30 thousand playlists and various podcasts. Like its similarallows you to download the songs and listen to them offline.

As for the itunes service To watch series and movies, users can find out in real time the contents and recommendations not only of the same platform, but also of the channels or services it offers, which can be enjoyed in real time or downloaded and enjoyed without a connection to Internet.

Between the titles offered the company is acapulcoproduced by the Mexican Eugenio Derbez; Slow Horses, where the actor Gary Oldman appears; korean dramas like Pachinko; series like The snoopy showamong others.


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Apple ranking in the United States: top 10 of the most listened to songs of this day

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