Apple Music will stream concerts live starting this Friday

Spotify has been at the top of music platforms for a whole decade. This makes the rest of the competition rack their brains looking for new formats that attract new customers. Live concerts are not new, but they are exclusive to Apple Music.

Apple is about to start streaming live concerts as part of its new Apple Music Live feature. The first concert will be Harry Styles at the UBS Arena in New York later this week. The second big news after updating its entire catalog to Hi-Fi quality.

Anyone anywhere in the world with an Apple Music subscription will be able to enjoy these concerts. Even us in Spain, only a subscription to the Apple service is required (be careful not to raise the price without warning).

Tim Cook’s company said live broadcasts “will give music’s biggest stars the biggest platform possible to show off how they connect with the public and how their songs translate into a live performance“.

The One Night Only in New York concert by Harry Styles starts at 3 am on Saturday May 21st for us in Spain, since in the United States the concert has a much more normal time (9 pm on Thursday, May 20).

For all those who are sleeping at that time, at Apple they have decided to broadcast it again on Friday, May 27 at 11 in the morning, Spanish time.

At the moment, it’s unclear if Apple wants to make the concerts streamed live later available for on-demand listening, as if it were a YouTube presentation or performance.

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The new Apple Music Live offer will also offer extra content to promote the artist and the concert. In this case, it includes a track from Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House, which is released on the day of the concert.

Fans can also enjoy an in-depth interview with the artist as he discusses everything from his new album to his creative style to going to therapy.

Apple Music hopes its new feature will win it new subscribers, while prominent artists can use it to promote their new releases: albums, singles, tours…

Spotify loses the most famous couple of its podcast

Spotify loses the most famous couple of its podcast

This is not the first time that Apple has broadcast music concerts live. For 10 years and until 2016, the company organized the Apple Music Festival (also known as iTunes Festival), which offered free concert tickets in London which were also broadcast live.

Not a subscriber to Apple Music, but want to try it out? The service costs 9.99 euros per month, although for new customers there is a one-month free trial. With the reign of Spotify in the sector, the rest of the companies have to try new formats to convince.

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Apple Music will stream concerts live starting this Friday

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