Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

The Yoga consists in “the performance of certain movements and positions, as well as the application of breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques“. To practice it, it is recommended to go to a teacher, who will use this technique to help you improve both physical and mental health. This advice followed Dua Lipa when he met Annie Moves and invited her to his world tour ‘Future Nostalgia‘ What your personal trainer.

Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

Anabella Landabetter known as Annie Movesis the Venezuelan responsible for the skill of Dua Lipa on stage, in addition to her well-cared figure, peace of mind and good breathing. The young woman from Valencia (Carabobo)studied advertising, marketing and public relations, and At 25, she succeeds on Instagram as a yoga instructor. Although he learned this technique thanks to his parents, he was later certified as yoga trainerin the discipline power vinyasa. She currently resides in Miami forks one of the most requested instructors for combining their yoga practices with functional training.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the 25 year old who is very proud to be Latina, completed her yoga training from the balcony of her apartment. Thanks to social media Anabella took the opportunity to lean towards his true vocation and today he succeeds giving classes that allow one to get to know oneself and one’s own body, either through postures or the ability to breathe.

Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram
Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

While organizing your own yoga events in Spain, Colombia, Mexico and various countries of the world, Annie Moves was in dialogue with digital Marie Claire and talked about her career and her passion for yoga.

– People know you as Annie Moves, what is the movement for you?

Annie: When I started and was brainstorming ideas, to choose a name for this yoga movement and thus be able to share my practices, my postures, I chose the name Annie Moves. Now looking back, it makes me laugh a lot because I think about it and I haven’t stopped moving. Although I started in Miami with my classes, now I am working on events in different countries. And I think that movement is essential for me, in exercise, in yoga, in my life. I really like change, because I am a person who likes a challenge and I have always been very flexible, in my mind and in the way I adapt to any situation.

– When did you start to venture into the world of yoga?

Annie: I started many years ago with my parents in Venezuela. They started practicing yoga when I was about 12 years old. Literally a teacher came to our house and gave us private lessons. So around that age I started to dabble in this world. Also from a very young age I practiced ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, flamenco, and I was very athletic; then I notice that the movement has always been essential. One thing led to another, in recent years, especially in the pandemic, I focused on the world of yoga and started my training as an instructor.

Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram
Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

-In which branch of yoga do you feel most comfortable?

Annie: Yoga has many branches, but I would call them ‘commandments’: breathing, asanas, spirituality, mantras, etc. I couldn’t tell you that I feel more comfortable in one, because yoga is a combination of all of them. I definitely think it was very interesting, especially this last year, to rely a lot on my spirituality, to practice meditation. I feel like this was what gave me stability and where I found a lot of comfort.

-You are an ambassador for a sportswear brand, what place does fashion have in your life?

Annie: I am currently working with Alo Yoga and I can tell you that I love everything related to fashion, especially what is sustainable and conscious. I am a person who loves to dress with colors, for example, every morning when I choose my outfit and my yoga mat, it has an impact on my practice and puts me in a very good mood. It is what defines my first attitude when I get up. There are people who don’t think about it, but for me it has a positive impact.

Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram
Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

-In social networks you always make it clear that “breathing is everything”, why?

Annie: Breathing in yoga (and in life) is everything. I believe that when you think about your breath, you automatically connect with your brain and start paying attention to it, as well as breathing better. It is a practice that has a very positive impact on your life, on many levels, because it is connected to our brain, our nervous system and it is literally what drives our body, our mood and emotions. I think my mission is to convince the people around me that we should pay more attention to it because it is something that can help us heal many things.

-Do you think there is a yoga taboo that deserves to be disproved?

Annie: Hundred percent. People believe that to do yoga you must be flexible, and flexibility lives in your head, in your brain and it is something that you work on and it is completely possible for anyone. Yoga is not just something physical, it is a very personal and beneficial practice for everyone. It is very common that when someone new starts, they believe that they will never be able to do this, but as they discover themselves, they unblock those energy channels that we carry inside, and it is impressive what can be achieved. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you don’t like the class, and the best thing is that it can change your life.

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Annie Moves, the yoga instructor who succeeds on Instagram

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