Andrew Garfield’s viral flirtation with a journalist, improvised romantic short

It is the second time that Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg meet on a red carpet. The GQ Men of the Year Awards, a gala held in November of last year, witnessed the first sparks. Garfield, before hello, stands in front of Amelia’s micro with a direct “I think you’re great”. She hallucinates, reacting without hiding her surprise at such a greeting. And from there up, with the exchange of compliments included and an absolutely self-absorbed Garfield.

Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg

Amelia can’t believe that Garfield knows of her existence, something the actor explains confessing to being a fan of one of the sections that said journalist has on YouTube. ‘Chicken Shop Date’ is the name of the popular series on the aforementioned platform in which Dimoldenberg has different celebrities such as rosalia, Ed Sheeran either Daniel Kaluya to go on a date to seedy fried chicken places. “I’ve been trying to get a date with you for a while”says Amelia, taking advantage of Garfield’s enthusiasm to try to sign such an exceptional guest. The rest of the video continues with a maximum flirtation that includes Amelia confessing her emotion for the interpreter’s posing in GQ, an image in which she is given an unusual prominence to his armpits. “It’s my favorite image. I have it in the background on my mobile. You look super sexy in that photo”says Dimoldenberg. That exchange seemed insurmountable, but the Golden Globes carpet has shown the opposite.

“Second round”, says the reporter sharing the video of her new ‘interview’ with Garfield. On this occasion, the actor does everything possible to make it clear that things are not going to go any further and that he does not want to meet Amelia in any other circumstance than the professional one, from carpet to carpet. But their attitude, their laughs, the maximum fooling around and an undeniable chemistry seem to tell another story.. In what seems like a better romantic short than many of the films in the genre, the pair enjoy countering each other and exploring those sparks that have the Internet revolutionized. “What about other types of situations?”Dimoldenberg asks. Before this Garfield closes in band joking that he’s not ready to explore that connection they seem to have.

astrology fan

Of course, social networks are full of reactions to the sexual tension that Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg share, but many fans are also focusing on the actor’s astrological knowledge. “What is your sign?”says the protagonist of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man‘ in response to Dimoldenberg’s invitation to his birthday. She comments that he is an Aquarius, adding a “your moon” opposite the actor’s leo sign. Garfield then explains that if you have a sun sign that is the same as someone else’s moon sign… that’s good, romantically speaking of course. To recap: in addition to exchanging compliments and trying very hard not to touch Amelia (failing miserably in this regard), Garfield fantasizes about the compatibility of his zodiac signs. That said, better than most romantic movies. We need the third round RIGHT NOW.

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Andrew Garfield’s viral flirtation with a journalist, improvised romantic short

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