Andrew Garfield and Zendaya go behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

“To see you together for this scene was special, and then it made people happy.”

variety sharing interviews this week “Actor on Actor”, in which two key personalities of the year tell career anecdotes. For example, Jennifer Aniston (star of the hit series The Morning Show) and Sebastian Stan (Pam & Tommy), who look back on their experiences on television, and have fun imagining which hero of Friends would play the actor if the series was made today…

Friends: Jennifer Aniston thinks Sebastian Stan would make a good Joey

Zendaya and Andrew Garfieldwho this winter shared the poster for Spider-Man: No Way Homehave also played the game. After having shared a particularly moving scene from the blockbuster from Sony and Marvel, they keep both emotional and funny memories of the shooting. “Seeing you together for this scene was special, and then it made people happy”first says the actress about the famous sequence where the three Peter Parkers played by Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield are together on screen. I thought it was really cool to see how good it was for people.” She goes on to reveal to the actor: “Before you arrived, Tom was very nervous. He was like: ‘I don’t want to step on their toes!’“We were exactly the same with Tobey!exclaims Garfield. We said precisely: ‘We don’t want to step on Tom’s toes, it’s his film. It’s true, it’s your film!’ But it was so nice to have you with us. You welcomed us: ‘Hey, guys, can we join you?’ And I was hallucinating. ‘But what are they doing?’“We were there to support you emotionally!”she answers.

Andrew Garfield wants a break: ‘I just need a bit of normalcy’

Warning, spoilers in the following paragraph. The duo also evokes their first day of filming: barely met, Zendaya and Andrew Garfield had to shoot the sequence where the Peter Parker of Amazing Spider-Man rescues MJ, the love interest of Peter from the new trilogy, in a way that echoes the drama of her life: failing to catch up with Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and seeing her die before his eyes (in The Destiny of a Heroin 2014). “I thought it was good that we shot it straight away, because then it was just fun the rest of the time. You guys made me pee laughing. Every time, between takes, you find something to amuse us.” They then talk about the jokes they threw between old and new key players in the saga, and she admits to having been so immersed in this particular atmosphere that she forgot during the filming that he was of British origin: “You were putting on your American accent and I totally forgot it wasn’t your natural way of speaking.”

In addition to No Way Homethe two actors talk about their respective experiences, talking about the involvement required by certain dramatic roles, such as that of Rue in the series Euphoria for Zendaya, whom Garfield adores. His latest project, the series By order of God, which will soon arrive on Disney+, was a real challenge because of its darkness, and he admits to needing some downtime now that this experience is filmed. saying to themselves “very privileged” to be in a position to be able to choose his roles in Hollywood, he explains that he has lived this profession better for a few years than at the time of The Amazing Spider-Manwhen he failed to manage all that people expected of him. “I was your age, 25, 26, and I wasn’t ready. I needed to go back then, because I didn’t know who I was, like my brain was still in the process of construction.” She then says that she too suffered from the expectations of the public, and from the sudden highlighting offered by this profession. “I don’t know if I really could have been a pop star, says the actress, who first also had a musical career. I have to keep a certain degree of intimacy, I want it. When I play, I hide behind characters, nobody needs to know who I really am. Whereas in other art forms, it’s all about you. I like the idea of ​​slipping into someone else’s shoes, and being able to create links with them, to understand what they are going through, it helps me to learn things about myself as well. “I had a great game teacher who kept telling us: ‘It has to do you good, also tells Garfield. If that doesn’t help, you’re not doing it right.’ I thought about it before Euphoria. I looked at that, and I thought that it helped me to overcome all the bad experiences that I could have with the addiction in my life.

Their full interview can be seen below, in English:

Euphoria: the end of season 2 deciphered by the actors

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Andrew Garfield and Zendaya go behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Home

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